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Fridays @ Five: Five Things We Loved this Week

Every Friday, we send out an exclusive list of five unique or interesting things we’ve found (or explored) around the web during the week.

It may include books, gadgets, albums, articles, new hacks/tricks, and — of course — all sorts of weird stuff we dig up around the web. It’s often focused on Intuitive things and personal growth. Please feel free to spread the word with friends who would also enjoy.

Here’s some great stuff to check out over the coming weekend…




Stumbleupon is the best time waster that could ever possibly exist. I’m a person who craves novelty (Exploration/Ne primary), and I frequently find myself getting bored of the same few websites I visit on the internet. Stumbleupon is a search engine-esque site where you pick a topic and “stumble” through pages that previous users have added to the cache. Possible topics include Buddhism, Japan, and Bizzare. Click here to visit the site.




I have become fixated on what things people choose to include as part of their identity. Some people, like myself, choose to express who they are to the world through hair colors (mine is purple) or clothes (I chose black.) But others are more inclined to decorate their cars with bumper stickers or tattoos. This woman chose to be buried in a lace nightgown in her Ferrari. Click here to read the article.




I’ve recently started looking for more “zen” things to put in my bedroom to help me get into relax/sleep mode more quickly. I came across these very cute nightlights from Etsy that were too cool not to share. I think a weird part of personal development work is creating a space that doesn’t stress you out more than you already could be, and sometimes that actually does involve online shopping. I’m just helping you out. Click here to shop.




North Korea is weird.

When I think of North Korea, I think of Soviet-era architecture and prison camps, but one man’s trip gives the country a little bit more depth. Some of his videos include footage of a mandatory “mass dance” in Pyongyang and a mysterious floor of a mostly empty hotel where tourists are kept. It’s incredibly creepy *and* fascinating. Click here to watch the playlist.




In a recent episode of the Cracked podcast, the idea of a class system existing in the United States is discussed- including the grey area between race and class, the popularity of Donald Trump, and how frequently jokes are made at the expense of a class outside of one’s own and the confusion that it causes. I find it interesting that the United States is one of the few countries who prides itself on not having a class system, but this podcast makes a pretty compelling argument that we actually have one and don’t really understand it. Click here to listen.


So there you have it. Of course these picks reflect some of my personal biases and interests – but having hung around the Personality Hacker community for a while now – and being personal growth focused – I’m pretty sure you will find at least one thing from the above list to be interesting.

Also – leave a comment or your thoughts below. Love to hear what you think.

Got a tip or something you think I should check out? Email me and put in the subject line: Fridays @ Five.

Addison Dunlap
Addison Dunlap is a writer, student and all around walking encyclopedia of internet chic. You can also hear her on many episodes of the PHQ Podcast.

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