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If you are having trouble figuring out your accurate personality type – we can help.

PersonalityHacker.com_Personality_Type_VerificationBefore you launch into a full scale personal development journey based on your personality type – you need to be certain you KNOW your correct type.

Personality Type Verification

Online & written personality tests always have an error rate

It doesn’t matter which written or online test you take – it is impossible to guarantee 100% accuracy. There are just too many factors to take into account.

Many tests work very well for about 80% of people. But if you are part of the 20% that needs to determine your type – we have been doing live phone personality type profiles for many years.

Before you schedule a personality type verification call – try to troubleshoot your type yourself

At Personality Hacker we believe YOU know yourself better than anyone else. With a little guidance you may be able to confirm your personality type on your own.

Here are resources that may help you “self type”

ARTICLE: When You ALMOST Know Your Personality Type (aka “Between Two Types”)

PODCAST: How To Figure Out Your Personality [Troubleshooting]

If you would still like to schedule a personality type verification call with a live Certified Profiler – here’s how the process works:

1) Click this link and purchase a type verification session.

Personality Type Verification

2) You will receive a scheduling email.

3) Choose a time that works for you (you will need to block out about 1 hour for the session).

What you can expect from your personality type verification session:

  • It is a self-discovery process that should feel relaxed and fun
  • This is a co-creative process and you will be working with your profiler to determine your type
  • Your personality profiler will ask you a series of questions
  • As you answer the questions – we are listening for 2 main parts of your personality… how your mind learns information and how your mind makes decisions
  • After the personality profiler feels confident about your personality type – they will check in to see if their choice resonates with you
  • Once you both agree on a personality type – you will be given your Personality Assessment Starter Kit as a free gift
  • You can then use your username & password to access a world of content around your newly confirmed personality type and begin your personal growth journey with confidence

Cost of a personality type verification

The personality type verification is a very hands on and high touch process where you work one-on-one with a profiler to co-creatively determine your accurate personality type.

The cost of a personality verification session is $125 US

Your personality profiler will spend anywhere from 45-60 minutes with you verifying your type.

Personality Type Verification

Our personal 30-day guarantee

When you buy any of our programs, you get 30 FULL DAYS to decide if it’s the right fit. If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, let us know and we’ll make sure you get a full refund.

money back guarantee


PersonalityHacker.com_Joel-Mark-Witt_Antonia-DodgeWe can’t wait for you to begin your journey of making big impact in the world…

Antonia Dodge & Joel Mark Witt,
Personality Hacker




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