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PHQ | QUESTIONS FROM COMMUNITY: In this episode Joel and Antonia answer a question about Intuitives and “rules.”


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  • Randy Caba - INTJ

    Excellent! Love these. Interacting with people is so much more interesting once one understands these differences. Okay, sometimes it’s still frustrating interacting but it is more fascinating too 🙂

    • Charis Branson

      Thanks for the feedback, Randy! The Perceiver/Judger dichotomy is really fascinating once you really understand its nuances.

  • Tracey

    Thanks so much for taking my question on a PHQ! I’m so glad you added the P/J difference to the conversation, because that really helps me to contextualize how different folks approach rules.

    I do want to clarify a comment in my original question about gifted education, though. When I said that I was used to being around intuitives due to being involved in gifted education programs in school, I was mostly referring to the content of the particular gifted program in which I was placed, rather than making the assumption that the other children in the program were more likely to be intuitives themselves. The program to which I was referring placed a heavy emphasis on creativity and thinking outside the box, and it stretched us in ways that strike me as much more intuitive-friendly than the more structured instruction that went on in the everyday classroom apart from this program. That said, I’m so glad you made sure to discuss on the podcast that neither sensors nor intuitives are more inclined to get good grades or achieve academically.

    • Charis Branson

      Thanks for the question and the clarification, Tracey! I would be interested in knowing what class it was that had the intuitive curriculum. I’m an education junkie and I always like to know what programs there are out there. 🙂

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