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In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about how different types approach creating a life plan.

In this podcast you’ll find:



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  • Amanda

    I really wish there was an exact explanation for what the way to go about your life path is for an infp or authenticity/exploration user because I didn’t understand the part about polarities…what would that be in my case? I feel confused and I wanted to apply the concept in real life.

  • Tim Grey


    Who is the INTP speaker that you are referring to in this podcast? This person sounds interesting, and I am on the lookout for a mentor myself, and as an INTP, I’m curious to know who it is.


  • Gavin

    There was a random interview with a musical artist who’s father was the founder of Motown records. The interviewer asked the artist what was the most important advice his father gave him, and he said that “direction is more important than speed.” That stuck with me. And as an ENTP I now see why. Granted, I need to not be paralyzed by indecision, but to course correct while taking action. Thank you for this podcast.

  • Hatem Aly (@metahatem)

    I LOLed when I heard you talk about the INTP mentor and thought right away “EBEN PAGAN” !!I had the same experience with several people.. I preached him and they found him boring!..I could listen to his seminars for hours and get a kick from his talks including rambling and recommendations…look up something/someone he mentioned… and could listen again and again..strange.

    But that leaves me confused a bit..I am an INFP (sometimes I get “J” in tests but I am probably a P ) and yet I relate to the way you described your path a bit more.. I usually find my curiosity or obsessions win over values or redefine it constantly for some reason..even friends that are my type I find sometimes too intense or take themselves too I just getting old? am I unhealthy?or may be I should look into enneagram?

  • Kate

    This podcast has been really useful and has given me good some insights! I am an intj and already have a very solid direction and plan of action for life, including several hundred steps mapped out to accomplish it. However, I am currently struggling to understand and support my husband in this process of planning a path (he is an isfj).

    Do you have any advice for how an Effectiveness person can support a Harmony person in their growth? Is that even possible since his path involves networking (which is kind of beyond my skills)?

  • Kate

    *some good

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