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In this episode Joel and Antonia talk with Enneagram author and expert Beatrice Chestnut.

In this podcast you’ll find:

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Personality Hacker teaches you the coding language of your mind and how to use it to create happiness.
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  • Jeffin

    Thank you for the podcast.
    Please do a podcast with Katherine Chernick Fauvre and MA David Fauvre the creators of Enneagram Tritypes if possible.

  • Lori

    Wow, just wow. I have been a student of Myer’s Brigg’s, for 12 years. I discovered Personality hacker and the car model, 2 years ago. Your model allowed me to explain my obsession with others.

    This podcast has reaffirmed my thinking once again. I have been interested in Enneagram for the last 7 years but could not marry the 2 ideas.
    With MBTI, I tested as an INFJ for a long time. I finally won a drawing for the official test, through Dr Mike of NFgeeks. We talked at length and then he typed me. He and I were blown away, I was an INTJ. Dr Mike walked me through several scenarios that lead me to 60/40 INTJ/INFJ.
    Finding personality hacker sealed the deal. For sure INTJ.
    The thing that has always tripped me up, I am super concerned about other people. So much so that my ENFP husband believes I am much more in touch with empathy and compassion than he is.
    I bought Beatrices book right after the podcast finished. The answer to all my MBTI holes is, I am type 8 sub Social. Being female I can appear as a 2!!! I am totally geeking out over here!
    thank you for geeking out with me

    • Elena

      I am also an INTJ (female) and am super in touch with my emotions. Learning the cognitive function stack and working with other INTJ’s makes me sure of my type, but I do buck a lot of the trends. Typed out as probable 5 on enneagram, didn’t add much to my lens till I read Beatrice’s book yesterday. Sexual 5, explains my emotional landscape to a T.

    • Hatem

      Where is Mike Boudria these days??? does he still professionally type?

  • Dan

    Am I the only one getting an error message when I try to listen?

    • Charis Branson

      Yes. I haven’t had any issues. Are you listening through the app? itunes? Or the website? If it is through the app, you may try going to the website (or itunes) and listening to it there.

      • Dan

        I tried it both on the website and on my phone, in various browsers. I hope I can figure it out, as I really want to listen to it.

        • Charis Branson

          Have you tried downloading the episode and playing it from the downloaded version? There is a link beneath the episode to download.

          • Dan

            It’s the downloaded version I get the error message on, as well as all the other podcasts (they worked fine earlier this week). I’ll just listen to it where I have internet.

  • Leeann

    I get an error message as well.

  • Liselott

    Me to, can’t listen..

  • Charis Branson

    Ahhh, that was the information I was lacking. It was the Download link that wasn’t working. It should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience!

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