Is the “Car Model” a new system of personality typology?

No! Personality Hacker has not tried to reinvent the wheel. While there will always be exciting new discoveries in any theory, the foundation of personality type theory should be preserved.

The Car Model is simply a metaphor to help explain the work originally laid out by Carl Jung (in his book Psychological Types), and expanded upon by Isabel Briggs Myers (in her book Gifts Differing).

We believe that cognitive functions are where the true insights of type live, but they can be difficult to understand when first introduced to the system. The Car Model has helped thousands of people grasp these functions in a more accessible way.

Think of the Car Model as training wheels. It is often our aim to use the Car Model language interchangeably with more technical terms to guide people from ‘beginner’ to ‘intermediate’.

Listen to this episode of the Personality Hacker podcast on the Car Model for more information.


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