INTP vs INTJ: How They Process Information Differently — DIKW (INTx Insights)

In this video Antonia Dodge talks about the different ways INTJs and INTPs process information.

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  • Alicia

    Hi. INTJ (f, 30) here. Excellent video on this. Quick question…any advice on how to organize all that info I’m collecting? I often describe my mind to my partner as a room of filing cabinets with recent papers (thoughts) flying around me. (I have a lot going on, lots of projects, etc.) Some thoughts are filed away organized, but for recent stuff, I feel like I’m grabbing at papers and holding onto what I can but nothing is organized mentally for me. Virtually I have my bookmarks, to-do lists and calendars. I’ve tried meditation, but it seems my brain room of flying thought papers never stops! How can an INTJ get mentally organized? Thanks! Love your videos! They’ve helped me a lot.

  • Lea

    Very interesting!

  • Gabriel

    I loved your explanations!

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