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Before you start your Genius Personality Test, here’s what to expect…

We’re going to ask a few personality test questions about how you see life, what kinds of conversations you like, how you work, etc… We’re looking for the parts of your mind that you don’t have language for… YET.

The best way to get that information is through ‘reverse-engineering’. That means we have to know how you do stuff, and use that information to figure out why you do those things. All of these questions are “forced choice,” which means the test forces you to make a choice between two options. That means you can’t provide context. (For example, “I like doing A when I’m working, but B when I’m relaxing,” etc.)

That’s okay—make the choice that feels the best, makes the most sense, matches up to you the MOST often. 

Ready to Get Started?

Answer what is authentic.

Don’t answer the way you think other people see you. Answer what is authentic, deep down to the bone. We so often live our lives based on how others see us. This is your big opportunity to shed that instinct and start answering from the TRUE YOU (if you haven’t already built this muscle). One more thing — you have to answer all of the personality test questions, or the test goes wiggy and won’t give you a result.

So, to recap, here’s what to expect on the Genius Personality Test :

  • Answer authentically!
  • Answer ALL of the personality test questions
  • Discover how amazing you truly are

Once you get your result overview, be sure to check out the video on how the system works!

No need to wait any longer – go take the Genius Personality Test, and fall madly in love with yourself. Have fun!

Genius Personality Test

Antonia Dodge & Joel Mark Witt,
Personality Hacker

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