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PHQ | QUESTIONS FROM COMMUNITY: In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about ENTJ vs INTJ.

In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about #ENTJ vs #INTJ.

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  • Jessica Abrahams

    Thank you for this podcast. This both clarifies for me that I am an INTJ and frames some interactions with ENTJ and INTJ former managers at a company I worked with until recently in a light I can better understand. The three personality types that are closest to mine are INTJ, ENTJ and INFJ, so understanding how each uses Perspectives, and differences in use of Effectiveness and in Harmony vs Authenticity has been important. So as that part about energy, as more often than not, I’m looking for a way to have enough energy for what I want to do without falling flat on my face!

  • Megan

    Re: Why We Confuse ENTJ’s and INTJ’s. If an ENTJ has done the work of developing his/her co-pilot of introverted intuition, then that ENTJ is going to have some very strong INTJ-like aspects, making it harder for an outsider to type them. I am an ENTJ female with introverted intuition that occasionally takes over as the “driver” process in my car, such that INTJ parenting descriptions and loop descriptions are more fitting of me in those areas of life, whereas I appear as an ENTJ in all other aspects of life. For an ENTJ with developed introverted intuition, it makes sense that this would become a more dominant aspect in areas of life such as parenting, where the ENTJ is required to slow down and consider the perspectives of those they care most deeply about (the only folks on the planet that get the premium “feeling” package of the ENTJ). It also makes sense that in a “loop” of vulnerability, an ENTJ might slow down and let iN take over.
    It would be great if you would talk more about what happens when the driver and co-pilot switch places in types who have developed their co-pilot function and the interesting ways in which that could manifest.

  • Kelly

    For an intj having no fi in 10yr old seat, wouldn’t that seat be more aware if they agreed with others’ perspectives or not? Where an entj, having fi in 3yr old seat wouldn’t be as aware if they agreed or not? Making the intj stronger in their own fi convictions.

  • Constance

    Thank you for explaining why my husband says I have an evil tendency–I’m INTJ married to ENTJ, and he has very absolute morality. There is black, and there is white, and there is nothing in between. He is good for me in that he forces me to consider whether my ability to see an alternate justification for an action actually justifies it, but his extreme reactions when someone crosses one of his moral lines also make me a little uncomfortable sometimes.

    Thanks to this podcast, though, I have a little bit more insight and vocabulary to discuss it with. I appreciate it very much.

  • Bob

    This podcast resonates with me completely. I am an INTJ male who has an older ENTJ brother. He has always been so accomplished and successful and finding the energy to try to keep up is exhausting. He is definitely less in tune with people and morally tolerant though. I’m going to try to make strides to have us help one another with each other’s blind spots to accomplish more collectively.

  • Gela

    Thank you for this podcast! This is very interesting for me because I am an INTJ and my sister is an ENTJ. So it is true that we have supporting each other and becoming each other’s co-pilot. It has occurred to us both several times that whenever we work together, we get big projects done faster and better. So thank you and looking forward to your other podcasts!

  • Dana

    Ditto! This podcast discussion is a nice summary of the ENTJ/INTJ conversation that Joel references from the personality starter kit. As an ENTJ who has wondered at times if I’m INTJ or xNTJ, the bit about being annoyed by crazy-makers who hinder productivity is, ahem, largely true. Working to stay centered amid the crazy is one of my biggest challenges.

  • Alyssa

    This was so helpful! Thank you for sharing- I am an ENTJ that has developed my introverted intuition to the point that I sometimes rely on that more than extroverted thinking and have often felt the frustration with “crazy makers” so I thought I was an introvert. So interesting…

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