Podcast – Episode 0002 – Pain vs Suffering

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In this podcast Joel and Antonia discuss pain vs suffering and unpack the difference.

In this podcast on pain vs suffering you’ll find:

  • This podcast will discuss the difference between pain and suffering.
  • Pain is inevitable and suffering is optional. You can stay with it or continue experiencing it.
  • The base root of pain is physical warning that there’s something damaging. Pleasure is a reward mechanism for doing something that the body believe is healthy
  • Pain is not always a bad thing. We experience something we assume is bad for our body.
  • The difference between pain and suffering is the narrative behind it.
  • When you over attach to your ego, it becomes righteously indignant.
  • The only thing you can do is to be the absolute version of yourself. You want to spend the majority of your time with people who has the same value as yours. But it’s near impossible for you to prevent meeting people who choose to suffer every day.
  • Being awesome is a great influence to others. When people see your progress and happiness, they will be inspired to make or initiate changes in their lives.

In this podcast Joel and Antonia discuss pain vs suffering and unpack the difference. #personalgrowth

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Showing 4 comments
  • Lakshmi

    Greetings all the way from Bangalore, India.

    Awesome content Joel & Antonio. Keep up the good content.

    One topic that I would like to hear is about cognitive biases – how it trips us even when are aware of it, how to overcome it, what to do when we spot it in an intimate relationship ( especially when we are on the receiving end ).

    And if there is any co-relation with the types.

    Looking forward to hear from you guys 🙂

    • Joel Mark Witt

      Hey Lakshmi! Great to hear from you. This is a great idea for a podcast topic. You are right – we need to talk about this on a future show. Stay tuned.

  • Debra Townsend

    Just wanted to say I was so relieved, revived, refreshed at hearing you talk about what i’m interested in which is personalities and growth. You are talking and speaking together so pleasantly and bouncing off each other. It’s what a relationship should be. I appreciate it. I have an unhealthy marriage. I am always trying to improve. Our “dance” like a middle school dance where one is having too much fun and the other is looking at them like “stop, what are you doing?”
    So, I am so ready to listen to more. I will connect with you on facebook. Thanks for the discussion: pain vs suffering.

    • Joel Mark Witt

      Thanks Debra. Stay tuned for more episodes. Quick question: what would you like to hear more about in these podcasts?

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