Podcast – Episode 0300 – Building A Powerful Personality Type Community

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In this 300th episode, Joel and Antonia talk about the benefits of intentionally working together as a community to bring personality types and personal growth to the world.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Joel and Antonia celebrate their 300th episode and reflect on the journey they have taken with the podcast.
  • Why Joel and Antonia are currently reflecting on the topics of ‘community’ and ‘identity’.
  • How institutions as we know them are breaking down – and the surprising ways they are reinventing themselves.
  • Joel reviews the causes and themes behind our growing search and need for ‘identity’ as individuals – and the potential trajectory of this phenomenon.
    • How disruptive technologies and the digital age, and platforms shape this.
  • “It’s easier to cancel than care”: how technology changes both the way we interact with others in a given community – and how we handle conflict and disagreements.
  • Antonia unpacks her thoughts on why group identity can result in internal insecurity.
  • The role personality type plays in understanding our individual identity – and why it can be a safe space, removed from the pitfalls of belief systems.
    • The dangers of type becoming dogmatic or cult-like.
  • The need for ego-work in addition to using type as a tool for exploring your identity.
  • How can we prevent typology from becoming corrupt in the ways religion has?
  • How should we handle situations where we come across inaccurate content within the type community?
  • What it means to be a part of the early online typology community – and the responsibility this puts on us.
  • Why Joel and Antonia advocate for meeting up with others within the type community.
  • Search “PH connect” on Facebook to connect with members of the Personality Hacker community!
  • Joel and Antonia express gratitude to each other for what they’ve each brought to the podcast.


Building a Powerful Personality Type Community #MBTI

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Showing 6 comments
  • Mac

    You came to Toronto?!?!? Argh! Super-bummed I missed it. Hope you’ll be back, soon…

  • Marge

    First of all, congratulations on your 300th podcast guys!!

    I don’t have much to say for this one, as I agree with everything you said, except that you guys are so lovely! When you started saying “I love you” and all that I thought it was the sweetest thing ever!!

    PS: Hope you make it to the 400th!!

  • Andy

    Hi folks. Really thought-provoking podcast. You make a great comparison between typology and religion. I always try to distinguish between a framework and an ideology. If we treat typology as a flexible, non-dogmatic framework it can be a very useful tool for self-discovery. Love your work!

  • Karin Collinsworth

    I’m so thankful there are 300 of these podcasts! I love that you have found endless ways to explore, breakdown, and babble so intelligently about all the facets of the ways personality systems can be studied and applied.

    I’m thankful for this podcast for how fresh, honest and friendly, and funny and real you both are. From championing intuitive thinking and exploring how type might impact diet and food choices, the topics are always intriguing. I love that your focus is using typologies as tools for personal growth!

    That you share yourselves and are willing to explore on-air – humbly and sometimes as-you-discover-what-you-are-thinking, with all your banter and quirks, is truly brave.

    I love thinking about the systems of personality, and the endless ways personality (and, now, thinking about it) impacts everything. Dedicating so much to try to articulate this is refreshing to me (compared to the news, tv shows, or other overproduced content! Thanks for being so brave!

    The precision with which you break the MTBI – and other ideas you come across- down, has helped me be able to start seeing things so much more clearly. The Car Model – with its visual/kinesthetic dimensions to help with understanding, has been hugely helpful. (That and the way you bravely try to articulate all the impacts, nuances, and differences – so precisely, commendable.)

    I’m an introverted intuitive feeler perceiver, and I was only able to solidify that in my mind after finding your work. As an INFP, I spend my extra energy trying to figure out what makes creatures do what they do / what makes them tick / and to understand their’ motivations. I’ve kept the MBTI in my a “sliver of tools” to help me know how people are functioning, needing, doing for some time. Jung, Kiersey, and Myers-Briggs works were favorite books of mine (since college in the early 90s). However, your insights have given me the ability to think about applicability. Until your podcast enabled me to reflect on so much more deeply about it – I didn’t have that. I’m still interested in thinking about how passion/type/strengths can be explored and understood to help individuals and societies navigate challenges and towards growth. But, it’s been particularly helpful to me in creating a calmer acceptance of things. Thanks again – and here’s to 300 more! ;D

  • Adam Baillio

    Congratulations on 300 episodes!
    Great episode, too. I enjoy your show very much and feel like it inspires other areas of my life.
    Before I really found your show, I’ve been interested in personality and typology – to the extent that I came up with my own typing system! Your show really helped take my knowledge and understanding to another level, and not just about Myers Briggs.
    I enjoy your passion and vision about how popular typology is becoming. Recently, my church described a program it will be implementing this January. It’s not enneagram, but it is reminiscent of some other typologies (including my own).
    As you call for leaders to step forward, I see myself poised to help people in my church appreciate the new system through typology.
    I’m not sure I’m conveying myself very articulately, but what I’m really trying to say is thank you for your committed service and inspiration.
    Here’s to another 100 episodes!

  • Dana S

    Congrats on 300!! As ever, I appreciate the two of you holding space for each other within the medium of the podcast to articulate your individual and collective ideas.

    I’m wondering where you see the role of folks who are familiar with a religious framework (raised within or directly adjacent to, etc.) but who hold pretty loosely to its dogma? Or who have self-selected to take a hiatus from participating in some of those communities? You’ve both acknowledged that you have distanced yourselves from the religious communities of your youth, though you’ve integrated some of the positive take-aways and tools. At least, that’s my understanding from your descriptions.

    If we consider some current frameworks and/or technologies that exude cult(ish) energy — including Facebook — where do those platforms fit into the larger landscape of infusing “good juju” into the type community? Are there alternatives worth considering? Or does the overall benefit of reaching a broader audience online outweigh the somewhat unhealthy, loneliness-inducing aspects of contemporary online platforms? I don’t delude myself that I have the answers…

    I think about this often in the context of parenting. Where is the tipping point (if there is such a thing) regarding guidance you might give to your kids about building a community online while also being mindful of biases or unintended consequences?

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