Podcast – Episode 0415 – Transcendence And Personal Growth – The HAT Model (Part 3)

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In this episode, Joel and Antonia discuss transcendence work in personal growth. This is the third aspect of the HAT Model. HAT stands for Healing, Achievement, and Transcendence.


In this podcast you’ll find:

  • How does the HAT Model relate to personal growth?
  • How is transcendence work different from healing and achievement work?
    • What actually is transcendence work?
  • What is physical transcendence work? 
    • How can Alfred Korzybski’s ideas around General Semantics help to understand transcendence work?
      • Interested in hearing more about his ideas on General Semantics? Listen to our episode on General here.
  • Why can transcendence work be destabilizing for your life?
    • How do habits relate to transcendence, healing and achievement work?
  • How does transcendence work relate to “the shadow”?
    • What is meant by the shadow?
    • How does religion deal with the shadow?
    • How do we handle the shadow when we are not doing transcendence work?
  • What are the definitions of Jung’s four archetypes of identity: persona, ego, shadow and self?
  • Does everybody do transcendence work?
  • What are the feelings on the other side of healing, achievement and transcendence?
  • Are respectively healing, achievement and transcendence work more collectivistic or individualistic?
  • Some principles to look out for when working withWhat are some principles to look out for in regards to the HAT Model?

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  • Jonathan Hardin

    I loved this series on the HAT model. After listening to the Transcendence episode, I believe at any state, we are on a cycle that loops into other cycles in an ascending and descending direction of health. The path could look like this within an outline, considering that you can move up and down the health cycle as well as experiences boosts throughout time.

    1 Assess your Location and Need, 2 Begin Healing
    “Avatar Personality Face”
    “Ego and Attachment”
    To Divinity and Beyond
    3 Begin Achievement
    “Avatar Personality Face”
    “Ego and Attachment”
    To Divinity and Beyond
    4 Experience Transcendence of Lesson 1 and Re Assess

    Healing and Achievement can occur in different areas of your life, where one you are experiencing healing, and another achievement. Moments of Transcendent lead you into other expansions of life where I believe further Healing and Achievement can occur. From a visual perspective, this cycle appears as loops chain into each other. Finally, remember growth

    Beware of having a Persona that appears like a perpetual Transcendence. Ego can also be attached to the identity of transcendence and can fool the self into false upgrades. Transcendence by definition requires something to transcend, including the attachment to transcendence.

    During assessment, there is no penalty in “going backwards” and visiting healing or achievement in an area where you realized false transcendence or poor work occurred. Go in that direction and do it well. For this reason, I like the cycle image so as to avoid the image of backwards growth being remedial. Such as in nature, growth of a plant occurs “upwards” visible to all with branches and leaves and fruit, while much growth also occurs in secret, underneath the darkness of the soil, mining for minerals and water with the roots.

    Thank you again for the podcast, it’s always an encouraging listen!

  • William (INTP)


    I have a question regarding achievement, transcendence, and the Graves model. If I remember what was said in this episode correctly, transcendence partially has to do with expanding territory, or *transcending* the old limits. This sounds a lot like the paradigm expansion as focused upon in the Graves model. Would you say that intentionally working your way up in the model counts as transcendence, achievement (because you’re meeting this worldview-related goal), or something else?

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