ESFP Personality Type Interview (with Inès Kissany) | Podcast 0417

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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk with Profiler Training alumni and type professional, Inès Kissany about her lived experience during this ESFP personality type interview.



Guide ESFP Personality Type Interview

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In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Guest Host Ines Kissany, ESFP, joins.
  • Download our ESFP Personality Type Handy Guide to learn about the ESFP functions.
  • Ines gives us a flavor of her upbringing and how this gave her a unique perspective when it comes to understanding type.
  • How did Ines discover personality type?
  • What type did Ines initially test as, and how did she come to land on ESFP as her best-fit type?
  • How Sensation (Se) is a misunderstood cognitive function.
  • What does Ines love about being an ESFP?
  • Ines shares her journey and experience of getting more into her Copilot of Authenticity (Fi).
    • What makes it difficult to get into Fi as an ESFP?
  • What is Ines’ relationship with her 3-Yr-Old function of Perspectives (Ni)?
  • Ines shares a hack she learned to access her Ni in a more healthy way.
  • Are there any types Ines envies?
  • How does Ines use her 10-Yr-Old of Extraverted Thinking (Te) in her daily life?
  • What would Ines like us to know about her type?
  • Some final thoughts from Ines on finding your true best-fit type.

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Showing 9 comments
  • Brendan Wilmot

    Great episode! I really enjoyed listening to this one. Very real.

    Thank you to Inès, Antonia, and Joel – and to all of Personality Hacker – for all of the tremendous work!

  • Frazer

    I am really enjoying this interview series on sensing types! I’m an INFP and I think pattern recognition is hard with typing if you don’t have reference points. I’m trying to grow my Ne and hearing about Se is making me think that Ne must be quite a high energy function too and requires leaving my house sometimes to do it! I also think a close friend I have might also be ESFP. I enjoyed the discussion about trusting the inferior function more! Thx

  • Jess

    I feel so seen! I am an ESFP and I really resonate with learning things the hard way- experiential learning!! Lol. Great reframe. I also love people and am deeply motivated by making an impact in the world. I really relate to not being able to see the patterns in the moment and then doubting myself. This happened with an ex where in the moment I gave him the benefit of the doubt so often. Ultimately, I broke up with him. Looking back on that relationship- I was like “wow what was I thinking!?!?”. What I felt the most seen by through this conversation was how Innes described how she has been learning to trust herself and be accountable for the choices she makes. I think I’m the past I outsourced my decision making to the influences around me. The chameleon effect I guess! But I think as I have grown up- I have also had to learn how to slow down and make space for that little voice inside me that I am learning to trust.

  • Kayla

    I am an ESFP and I resonate with so much of what Ines was saying here. Especially the future planning and feeling blind. I am currently trying to plan a move to a new state or country and I’ve been “planning” this for YEARS… now I have set April as the moving month but still can’t settle on a location. I want it to be a place that I choose for no reason other than it’s what I want for me – and I find that very challenging. So I’m asking for any advice on how to make this decision and this move, as an ESFP. Suggestions?

  • Shobhana

    As an INFP, I found this a fascinating insight into another type with strong Fi- another flavor of Fi, if you will. I completely resonated with the childlike desire to be good at Te and the admiration for TJs. It’s probably worse for me with my 3 year old Te. Ines’ experience of being mistyped as an INFJ because of her 3 year old Ni is similar to my experience of being mistyped as an INTJ. Cannot underestimate the sway of the 3 year old!
    ESFPs sound like the cool, outgoing alter-ego I wish I had and now I really want an ESFP friend, lol!

  • Kiki

    YES, YES, YES! What she said. EVERY.SINGLE.WORD.

  • Eva

    Another ESFP here. I resonate with so much of what Ines said and found it surprising she said something along the lines that she was surprised to discover to be an ESFP because she didn’t consider herself to have high energy. To me it was immediately obvious in her speech and the level of excitement.
    One stereotype about ESFPs that really annoys me is that we are all athletes or supreme dancers, well coordinated, etc. And I’m pleased Ines addressed that because I never enjoyed sports and I am the worst at catching ball, am a terrible dancer and watching and copying doesn’t really work for me, because I lack patience. Very much hit and miss for me. I too struggled to find my correct type and this stereotype of being athletic and being artisans kept me forever in doubts about my type. Eventually I realised not all ESFPs are athletes but we always have this high energy about us. I can’t sit still throughout a whole film, I get very restless if sitting for too long, but I prefer gentle exercise such as walking in the nature. I indulge my Se when cooking, tasting food, getting massages, am great at improvising in the moment (great with kids), have seriously quick reaction times and am the first one to spot changes in my environment from simple things such as first to notice the traffic lights have changed and it seems to me like everyone is still asleep whilst I’m crossing the road already.:)

  • Trevor

    I’m an INTJ. It took me a while to get there. I found it interesting hearing from an ESFP’s journey. And I remember as a young child getting frustrated when my Ni plans didn’t come together. I then became a contingency planner which was helpful with a few ExxPs in the family.

    I believe my best friend is an ESFP. Now, I haven’t taken the time to learn to be a profiler. I have known him for a long time. He’s been a good social influence on me. And I know I never will keep up with him. He can talk to anyone anywhere and make them feel comfortable. He also tends to remember so much about everyone he talks to, names, stories they tell, and even how they are connected to other people he knows.

    For most of my life, I wanted to be ENTJ. The big reason I know I’m INTJ was because as a child I was shy and I didn’t take charge that often. My brain was more often looking to the future and envisioning it. I look forward to the rest of the series.

    Thank you for sharing

  • Jane

    I’m so thrilled to see more ESFP content!! I’m an ESFP too and so much of this resonated with me. If I hadn’t known my type before, certainly this would have convinced me.

    Most valuable to me was getting a feel for how ESFP’s come across from the outside (since I can’t observe myself as a third party) and connecting that to the various functions – for example, she expresses herself using Te so she comes across clear, measured, and thoughtful. To me, it’s interesting to contrast this with how I always imagine ESFPs – loud, scattered, jumping from thought to thought, always excited, etc. This will make it easier for me to recognize this type in the people around me and helps me validate my own view or myself (I’ve never seen myself as a “life of the party” kind of person although that side will switch on occasionally).

    Consequently, I thought I was an INFx for a long time. My inability to stick with a conclusion had me changing my type constantly. It’s nice to get validation around this for us ESFPs so we can make some decisions and move forward instead of getting tossed around by the winds of “but what if…”
    all the time.

    Appreciate this, looking forward to more!

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