ISTJ Personality Type Interview (with Tanya LaCourse) | Podcast 0418

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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk with Profiler Training alumni, Tanya LaCourse about her lived experience during this ISTJ personality type interview.



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In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Guest Host Tanya LaCourse, ISTJ, joins.
  • Download our ISTJ Personality Type Handy Guide to learn about the ISTJ functions.
  • How did Tanya get into personality type?
  • What was the type Tanya initially tested as, and why did she relate to this?
  • Why didn’t ISTJ initially resonate with Tanya and how did she discover this was her best-fit type?
  • How does Tanya feel about ISTJ stereotypes within the type community?
  • How does Tanya experience her Driver function Memory (Si)?
  • Tanya shares how she experienced growth in her 3-Yr-Old function, Exploration (Ne).
  • How does Tanya feel about her Co-pilot function, Extraverted Thinking (Te)?
  • How Tanya’s Authenticity (Fi) shows up in her work.
  • Tanya shares her experience of getting out of her comfort zone – and how this changed her life.
  • What does Tanya love about being an ISTJ?
    • Does she have any “type envy”?
  • What would Tanya like us to know about her type?
  • What advice would Tanya give to her younger self?

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Showing 8 comments
  • Sarah

    This exchange at the end of the podcast was absolutely perfect to me as an ISTJ and I already feel like it’s shifted my frame of mind a bit. So good, thank you.
    “You want me to take risks, are you out of your mind? …instead of risk, you could also say reference experience. Push your experimentation to get more reference experiences. You expand the territory of the options available to you.”
    “And have little checkpoints and little pillars for yourself so you don’t feel like you just jumped off a cliff and you’re now floating in space.”

  • Miriam Berry RN

    I am in a job that uses my skills and I am really proficient at it. I have done it 15+ years. Even so, it’s not what I was born to do. To hear Tanya describe her journey opened up all sorts of emotions for me.
    I stopped the podcast to talk to my INFP husband. He helped me understand these raw emotions. He knew all along that’s what’s going on in me!
    After a bit, I finished listening to the podcast. So good, so insightful! Ever so grateful for all the work you do.

    • Miriam Berry RN

      I forgot to say that I am an ISTJ!

  • Justine G

    Thanks for this illuminating interview, I had always wondered what the basis was for assuming that ISTJs just want ‘boring’ jobs. I also think that the descriptions of both ISTJs and INTJs can make them all sound like robots who ‘have it all figured out’.

    So much of what I do in my job makes me come across as ISTJ. My job is essentially to provide stability in a super-feely, creative workplace. I wanted to work there as I am very creative (I do semi-abstract paintings/pictures) and because I knew I wouldn’t be the only ‘oddball’ there. I’m very fussy about how documents are worded as I think it is important they are accurate and have consistent messaging. I’m also very aware of how things can be interpreted differently than intended.

    I still can’t really land on this type though, I’m so interested in abstractions and possibilities, more so than real-life. I just can’t stand massive unpredictability, and catastrophize a lot.

  • Trevor

    I’m enjoying this series. This is another great interview. And I like how she explains that she breaks the ISTJ stereotype. I find this refreshing that a type stereotype doesn’t have to define you. And I like that examples of breaking ISTJ stereotype are trying new things and being creative with interior design. Thank you for bringing this series.

    • Trevor

      I should mention that in context. I’m INTJ, so I identify with her judgment functions well.

  • Amy

    Great interview! My daughter is 26 and an ISTJ and so much of this interview resonated with how I have seen Meg operate. Thank you Tanya, Antonia and Joel for sharing these insights into this amazing Type,

  • Kaylen

    Loved this conversation – it did make me think more about the topic of Si and how it’s often presented (including how I present it as a profiler to folks). I really appreciated hearing Tanya talk about Si as feeling intuitive – it helped my understanding of it! I also think that the word “intuitive” is more exciting for folks, and therefore iNtuitives can often fall more in love with MBTI because the descriptors of N types is usually around how they have this depth of perception with pattern-making vs. Sensors having more flat perception (loved Antonia’s call out of how important it is to look at the facts & details when it comes to pattern making though, and highly agree). Big fan of hearing more about the richness and depth of the Sensor experience because I’ve often felt like the descriptors I’ve seen & used can fall short. Super appreciative of Tanya sharing her experience!

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