ENFJ Personality Type Interview (with Bridgette Boswell) | Podcast 0421

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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk with Profiler Training alumni, Bridgette Boswell about her lived experience during this ENFJ personality type interview.



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In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Guest host Bridgette Boswell joins. 
  • Download our ENFJ Personality Type Handy Guide to learn the ENFJ functions.
  • Bridgette introduces herself and shares about her recent loss.
  • How did Bridgette discover type and learn she is an ENFJ?
  • Bridgette talks about how she has been processing her grief as a Harmony (Fe) user.
  • How does Bridgette’s Accuracy (Ti) 3-Yr-Old function color her inner world?
  • What’s Bridgette’s relationship with taking care of others?
  • Bridgette talks about being a young EFJ and her Sensation (Se) 10-Yr-Old function.
  • How does Bridgette experience her Perspectives Copilot?
  • What was it like for Bridgette to be in a relationship with an INTP?
  • How Accuracy (Ti) as a 3-Yr-Old can help you question yourself in a positive way.
  • What does it mean to calibrate your Harmony (Fe) process as an ENFJ?
  • How does Bridgette make time to develop her Perspectives (Ni) function?
  • Why ENFJs are often misunderstood.
  • What causes Bridgette to occasionally offend someone?
  • Joel, Antonia and Bridgette bring the episode to a close with some of their real-time experiences of Harmony (Fe) at the Profiler Training live event.


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Showing 4 comments
  • Patricia

    Every time i made this test i get a different result.

  • Katerina

    This was really insightful for me as ENFJ. When Bridgette was talking about being perceived as fake, I was like OMG, that is so true! It has happened to me so many times. But I would like to mention something else. About a year ago (long time before I discovered I am ENFJ), during a spiritual therapy, I was asked what I am good at. I said “I think I am really good at my job. ” Then I was asked why. I told the guy that I think I make people feel safe with me – they are not afraid to open up, to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes or share their views with me. (Btw. I am a language teacher.) I have noticed that my students feel good around me. I can sense the energy and it seems sometimes incredible how fast I can create the rapport. Now I work with children which is much more difficult than with adults, but still, I get mostly positive feedback. Anyway, Fe sometimes does feel like a superpower. Antonia mentioned that the driver function comes naturally. I agree, however it is good to be aware of it perfectly in order to utilize it. Thanks a lot for this website and the podcast!

  • Trevor (INTJ)

    Thank you Bridgette for sharing your life with us. It has helped me understand the difference between Fe and Fi.

  • Keren

    Thank you for putting out these podcasts! As a fellow ENFJ, a lot of the content has resonated with me on this podcast. I too have recently been dealing with grief since the loss of my brother and listening to the show help me realize how much I’ve been using Se and how without realizing it in the past my chronic illness really taught me about integrating Se while reflecting within myself as it forced me to integrate Ni. I’ve been fighting stopping to feel my feelings fully , but this podcast has validated and challenged me to pursue the “tools” I have to access my own feelings in this season. Thank you for sharing your journey and allowing me to find more language to understand my own.

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