ENTP Personality Type Interview (with Amanda Roddy) | Podcast 0423

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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk with Profiler Training alumni, Amanda Roddy about her lived experience as an ENTP personality type.



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In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Guest host Amanda Roddy joins. 
  • Download our ENTP Personality Type Handy Guide to learn the ENTP functions.
  • Amanda introduces herself.
  • What does Amanda’s type journey look like and how did she discover she is an ENTP?
  • How did Amanda’s journey with cancer align to her journey with type?
  • Amanda tells us about her personal mission to regain clarity.
  • Why type helped Amanda improve her personal relationships.
  • How did Amanda show up to the world as a young ENTP? Has that changed?
  • How does Amanda feel about social situations as an ENTP woman?
  • Does Amanda relate to any ENTP stereotypes?
  • Amanda shares some ways she has developed awareness around her Harmony (Extraverted Feeling) 10 Year Old function.
  • How Amanda has sharpened her Accuracy (Introverted Thinking) Copilot.
  • How Amanda’s Exploration (Extraverted Intuition) Driver has shown up through her life choices.
  • What is Amanda’s relationship with her Memory (Introverted Sensing) 3 Year Old?
  • Why learning and asking “why” questions matters to Amanda. 
  • What advice would Amanda give to young ENTPs?


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  • IxTx?

    Have you changed your MP3 encoding software to be able to include the art in the ID3 info? I had to open the file in Audacity and save (export) it again for the device I usually listen with to recognize it, the original file just gave a “Format error!”. The specs this week look the same as on last weeks file, which played fine. Mono, 44100 Hz, 192kb/s.

    Other podcasts with art also play fine on it, so that is not the limitation.

    It’s no big deal for me to recode it, I just wanted you to know this.

    • Antonia Dodge

      I’m not sure – we don’t encode the graphic in the metadata. Or, at least I don’t think we do. I’ll check it out. Thanks!


      • IxTx?

        The next episode after this one (ENFP) was without graphics and worked, the one after that (ISFJ) was with graphics and didn’t work.

        I realize this is a bit off topic to discuss in length here – if you have been sending emails I apologize, since the address I use here has expired.

  • Elizabeth

    One thing I love about being an ENTP is that there is no hidden agenda. We ask because we want to know. That’s it. Billboards across the land made me laugh out loud. Amanda did a great job of communicating the challenges and positive aspects of ENTP life. Thanks so much to the three of you!

    • Trevor (INTJ)

      As an INTJ, I need to keep this in mind when ENTPs are asking me questions. Just remember they are just curious.

  • Lauren

    Fantastic conversation, thank you! I believe my best fit type is an ENTP. Although I waffle. I really resonated with most of this dialogue, there were two moments I could hardly sit still I agreed so profoundly, and it was the first time I’ve heard someone else share these sentiments in the exact same way I would.

    A) picking up on someone’s negative emotions, seeing the expressions and immediately wanting to know exactly what’s going on and what they need. I can’t ignore it (sometimes I try) and I want zero ambiguity if I approach it. I think that’s because my own need for clarity is so strong when others feel upset, probably because I don’t trust my natural instincts in those situations. And I had this aha, I’ve been studying NVC (compassionate communication) for 10 years, it’s a system that essentially took out the ambiguity from emotional situations and gave me a map of what to do. I’ve always wondered if I am over developing my Fe by studying NVC, and maybe I am, but it for sure helps me navigate the world of emotions/needs with more confidence and ease. Now many people, including the xxFJ’s, in my life, tell me I’m very empathetic.

    B) when I’m saying or asking a question exactly as it’s meant and wanting that taken face value because I literally mean exactly what I said. Yes! It’s a huge annoyance when someone reads into what I asked and makes a wrong assumption and then answers an entirely different question, thinking that’s what I’m actually asking.

    I also don’t relate to coming across as cocky or argumentative. However, after listening to this today, I asked my best friend from childhood for her honest opinion. She’s an INFJ for reference. Her answer was, “I think my point is that you are not outwardly cocky. I don’t think you think highly of yourself and then share how highly you think of yourself. But sometimes in your desire to share your knowledge, it can come off as cocky?” That was really helpful to hear! I love honest feedback.

    Lastly, I don’t have impulsive tendency’s. I’m actually pretty methodical. Wonder if other ENTP’s relate? I relate/test 5 and 9 on the enneagram, there’s that!

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