ENTJ Personality Type Interview (with Nii Codjoe) | Podcast 0428

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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk with former Personality Hacker team member, Nii Codjoe about his lived experience as an ENTJ personality type.



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In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Guest Host Nii Codjoe, ENTJ, joins.
  • Download our ENTJ Personality Type Handy Guide to learn about the ENTJ functions.
  • How did Nii discover his personality type?
  • What was Nii’s childhood like?
  • Nii shares his journey of discovering his core values.
  • How has getting clear on the “why” impacted Nii’s life?
  • How does Nii find clarity?
  • What does Nii love about entrepreneurship?
  • Why is being irrationally generous a core value for Nii?
  • What role has leaning into his Perspectives (Introverted Intuition) Copilot played in Nii’s life?
  • Nii talks about the beauty of getting into his Sensation (Extraverted Sensing) 10 Year Old.
  • How does Effectiveness (Extraverted Thinking) show up for Nii?
  • What are some things that Nii has done to really cultivate growth in his life?
  • What advice would Nii give to his younger self?


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Showing 7 comments
  • Bridgette [ENFJ]

    Nii, you’re awesome! Your Te is so lovely…how you have worked to integrate your Fi to round it out really comes through. I loved hearing you articulate having Ni as a copilot, so beautifully…and the joys of ten-year-old Se and how that feeds your Ni. Enjoyed the Narnia reference describing that experience of leaving the city and being enveloped by nature’s embrace; the amazing revelations that can be gleaned when in that sort of space…makes me want to run from my office and out into nature right now, “Haha.” A delightful interview. Thank you so much for sharing, Nii and to Antonia and Joel for bringing these interviews to the world!

  • Eric

    Really good interview! Nii has some great snippets of advice there.

    It occurred to me after listening to this that I honestly don’t know any ENTJs in person (that I know of). I don’t really think I have any online contacts who are ENTJ either.

  • Ryan INFP

    Nii did not seem to understand himself that well.

    • Antonia Dodge

      I disagree – I think considering Introverted Feeling is Nii’s inferior function, he has done great work to understand himself. On some level, an INFP saying this about an ENTJ is kind of like an ENTJ saying “He doesn’t seem very useful” about an INFP. Type helps us adjust our expectations and definitions to account for different modalities.


      • Ryan INFP

        You have to bear in mind that this is personality hacker you do profiler training so i am guessing this is one of the best ENTJs. I do agree with you fully i do not take type in to consideration that much because i do not know that many people interested so you miss stuff but it was still an observation of a ENTJ. The podcasts are brill.Thank you and i also i had more to the previous comment i wrote but i forgot by the end of the podcast.

  • Aaron Ferguson

    ENTJ here. First off, I resonate a lot with how Nii described his experience as an ENTJ.

    I particularly liked the part on core values and how they relate to Te. Over time, I have come to realize that while achieving results in the most effective way possible is absolutely a driving factor for me, nothing matters at the end of the day if those results aren’t adding real value. That real value often comes from my inferior Fi. It is the balance of Te-Fi that helps me to be interested in something in the first place, and the more I lean into Ni and Fi to slow down and discover who I really am (using the same inductive approach described in this episode) and discover what my true mission and values are, the more I am able to lean into projects and create results that actually matter to me and others. This leads to me being more compassionate (though that can still be a struggle! Not that it isn’t possible, just that it takes conscious effort), work on more meaningful projects, make enduring progress on those projects instead of just working for the sake of working, and enjoy my life much more.

    Great episode. It was great to connect with the idea of other ENTJs that are dedicated to growth and leaning into transcending their type.

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