ESFJ Personality Type Interview (with Jonathan Harris) | Podcast 0429

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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk with Jonathan Harris about his lived experience as an ESFJ personality type.



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In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Guest Host Jonathan Harris, ESFJ, joins.
  • Download our ESFJ Personality Type Handy Guide to learn about the ESFJ functions.
  • Jonathan shares a bit about himself and his life.
  • What is it like for Jonathan as an ESFJ to work in IT?
  • How does Jonathan use Memory (Introverted Sensing) to know how he is feeling?
  • What is the number one priority in Jonathan’s value system?
  • How did Jonathan discover his personality type?
  • Jonathan shares how he uses templates and notes as an augmentation of his brain.
  • Why did Jonathan find discovering his relationship to Accuracy (Introverted Thinking) to be one of the most fun parts of his type journey?
  • Can his Accuracy (Introverted Thinking) 3 Year Old show up as an insecurity for Jonathan?
  • How does his Harmony (Extraverted Feeling) Driver shape how Jonathan relates to groups in regards to competition and accolades?
  • How has Jonathan leveraged his type to create success in his life?
  • What role does Jonathan play in his family?
  • What advice would Jonathan give to his younger self?


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Showing 6 comments
  • Erica

    Wow! Hearing Jonathon speak, really brought home the point to me of how the journey to where we belong is in a balance of knowing ourselves and losing ourselves. What a beautiful person and interview this was to illustrate this point so well. As he spoke he brought my walls down, that I didn’t know ere up. He was very inspirational and brought a sense of comfort to me. I don’t even understand it, the reaction I am having within myself but I feel like a path has opened up within myself of better understanding around the connection between the group and being one of the group. How to help yourself help the group you must know yourself first so you can better understand how to manage yourself to serve others. This allows yourself to be in true service to others. Understanding yourself is not selfish, and it is a process that evolves over the the years with maturity. But ultimately what I heard from Johnathon was that when we know who we serve and that who we serve is what our goals are in service to and not the other way around, we can bloom to become our best selves and be the example that others so desperately need to witness in order to become their best selves. I think the world could truly benefit from more of us leaning in to knowing ourselves so we can be ourselves and excel at our own super powers how Johnathon has. Thank you Personality Hacker for giving us tools and interviews like this to help us on our journey! I am so grateful for you guys and everything you do!

  • Brian Kelly

    Jonathan is awesome! If we ever met we would be friends. I totally get you man! I’m ENFJ and feeling men really are a rare bunch. We rock like no other men in mentoring, coaching, teaching and leading groups. You go, you’re great!

  • Teal

    This was really great for me, as I have worked closely with my ESFJ boss for 8 years now (and I am INFJ). This landed really true for my experience with her, and I find her to be almost superhuman with the amount of work she can take on, and how quickly she can learn new things. I am curious about the competitive piece that was mentioned. She is incredibly competitive & Jonathan says he is not. Does this relate to type, or environmental factors are in play?

  • Sabrielle McNair

    I have greatly enjoyed listening to your podcasts. Just one question I have for this podcast, in your email notifying me of this new podcast you classified both co-pilot and 3 year old as the Memory function. Is that accurate? Or is it supposed to be a different function?
    Thank you for your time and effort on this material!

    • Antonia Dodge

      Hi, Sabrielle – That would have been a typo. The 3 Year Old (inferior) function for ESFJs is Introverted Thinking (Accuracy). Introverted Sensing (Memory) is the Copilot (auxiliary) function.

      Thanks for asking for clarification!


  • Kris (INTP)

    I had never had opportunity to learn much about ESFJ since (AFAIK) I don’t know any personally. But this interview drove home to me that I very much want one in my life to learn from and get advice. Just last night, after a 4+ hour introspection session (trying to figure out why I got triggered and shut down during a conversation with my wife), I came to an deeply buried insight that Jonathan so brilliantly summarized in a single sentence when I listened this morning. That is that you need to be accepted by the group for the group to receive your help. I have trouble receiving criticism, not because I’m pig headed, but because it reminds me of how people I love don’t see how much I care about them and want to help them. And if they can’t know that I care, they won’t care what I know, or how I might be able to provide some insight that might help them. At this point in my life (43yo), while I still get my energy from Ti, my fulfillment and what I crave is the connection and relationship of Fe. But it always feels elusive and fragile, even with those I’m closest to. God bless my ISFP wife, she tries, and she is a champion for putting up with me. It’s resources like Personality Hacker that give me a language and model through which I even have a hope of seeing her fully and being seen fully by her.

    Thank you, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the interviews!

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