ESTP Personality Type Interview (with Cherie) | Podcast 0431

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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk with Profiler Training alumni, Cherie about her lived experience as an ESTP personality type.


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In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Guest Host Cherie, ESTP, joins.
  • Download our ESTP Personality Type Handy Guide to learn about the ESTP functions.
  • How did Cherie discover her personality type?
  • How does Sensation (Extraverted Sensing) show up for Cherie?
  • Cherie shares how her Perspectives (Introverted Intuition) 3 Year Old shows up.
  • Why does Cherie think that Accuracy (Introverted Thinking) is a real asset to her?
  • What are Cherie’s thoughts on some of the ESTP stereotypes?
  • Has being a woman shaped how Cherie’s Harmony (Extraverted Feeling) 10 Year Old is expressed?
  • Does Cherie like to explore?
  • What baffles Cherie about other people?
  • Why is having fun important for Cherie?
  • Cherie shares some strategies about how she navigates social interactions.
  • How does Cherie incorporate personal growth into her life?
  • What impact has knowing personality types had on Cherie’s life?
  • What advice would Cherie give to her younger self?



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Showing 3 comments
  • Kristi Kneedler

    Hi, I just found out I was an ESTP a month ago after 8 years of studying the system. I loved everything about this interview, and I hope I’m just like her when I’m her age.

  • Cherie

    Hi Trevor,
    I’m so happy something I said resonated with you. I’ve typed my parents and sibs and it’s been beneficial to us in understanding each other.

    If your brother is willing to take the PH program, it will help him understand himself and then his awesome INTJ brother 😉

    The best, Cherie

  • Trevor (INTJ)

    Thank you so much for sharing Cherie.

    I figure my younger brother is an ESTP. I haven’t done a profiler training course. So I may not have that right. However, I’m INTJ and he is an ESTP, so I think that’s where we have some of our misunderstandings. So for me, understanding types wasn’t just understanding myself better for growth but understanding where others are coming from. And so relationships can be better. I believe you helped me to understand my brother better.

    I appreciate your sharing.

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