Cognitive Functions And Dirty Windows | Podcast 0437

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In this podcast Joel and Antonia talk about the 8 cognitive functions as windows to see reality through.



In this podcast you’ll find:


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  • Jessica Houdart

    INTJ here–Joel’s metaphor of seeing through the cognitive functions as “dirty/thick/warped windows” really resonated with me, as did Antonia’s thought experiment re: the octagonal house with the 8 windows available to us.
    Would you consider digging deeper into these metaphors in a coming podcast? It would be interesting to explore how this might play out for each of the functions and/or each of the types.

  • Sue Sheldon

    I am very struck by the depth of your knowlege on type – it is phenominal. Your use of metphors expands greatly the power of type. I am an INFP (via personality hacker) and certified to use the instrument. I am headed towards retirement and know that I will have more time to invest in my own self-discovery. I have not yet been able to discover the secondary functions etc. and I am very grateful at your acknowlegement of the non-judgement aspect of type because I often speak of preferecnes vs. this is the way you are. Thanks for the work you do and the contribution you maake to the world!!!

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