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In this episode of the Personality Hacker podcast, Joel and Antonia take time to reflect on the progress of Personality Hacker over the past decade and celebrate the show hitting 15 million downloads and 500 episodes.

Warning: Strong Language – Listener Discretion Advised.


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Showing 16 comments

    Congratulations! I have been listening to your podcasts for years, and thoroughly enjoy them. I live in Denmark – too bad my country didn’t make it into the top 10, although my Scandinavian neighbours did. I thought the 500th podcast was very funny, and I listened all the way through to the end. I’m not sure what my favourite episode is – there have been so many good ones! I generally feel like I get a lot of food for thought in all your episodes, and I like your unstructured extraverted intuition approach. If you did episodes in the format of “10 ways to … ” it wouldn’t inspire growth or learning in me. And for whatever it’s worth, you both have lovely voices – I wouldn’t be able to listen to a podcast with a voice I found annoying.

  • Rajan

    CONGRATULATIONS! But now I have to relisten to all the first two years of the Podcasts to figure out which ones you recorded under a blanket. Thank you and your amazing team for your incredible generosity and responsiveness: you are all so congruent ‘in person’ with what, and how, you share in the Podcasts.

  • Sara McLain ENFJ

    What a great episode! You both are magic. I hate to think where I would be if I hadn’t been introduced to you in 2014!

    I look forward to participating in a membership with you and the amazing tribe you have built.

    I deeply respect your integrity, intelligence and vulnerability.

    Congratulations on posting 500 episodes and still liking each other.😉

  • Luke Shepherd (INFJ)

    Congratulations on 500 episodes and 15 million downloads!! Your guys’ story is really intriguing, and I was impressed when you said that Si is one of your favorite functions, Antonia–it’s inspiring to see someone integrate their inferior function like that. I listened to the whole thing and enjoyed it!

    I regret to admit that this is the first time I’ve commented on the PH podcast after listening to a LOT of them in my free time for just over a year now–I’m actually a highschool student (rising senior). So Gen Z obviously; I listened to the podcasts on generation theory, and they were so fascinating–yet another another map for navigating the terrain of life. I kind of “identify” with my generational shadow if that makes sense, or maybe I just need to think about it more in depth–I’m still new to it.

    I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH, Joel and Antonia, for your work–it made me discover my passion for psychology and literally changed my life.

    Before discovering MBTI, Carl Jung, and other models, I was into another personality typology called the Four Temperaments. I do owe a lot to it, but it was just the beginning. What started as a hobby has now become a life passion and will probably become a career. Now that I’ve discovered analytical psychology (starting with the John Beebe 8 function model, which I love) I now understand my self and others so much better and have many maps and tools for self-growth, and, ultimately, ego-transcendence and Self-realization. I got your INFJ Starter Kit/Owner’s Manual for Christmas and bought your book–haven’t read it yet unfortunately.

    (I also read “Beyond Rare” by Elaine Schallock Drenth, which I HIGHLY recommend to fellow INFJs, especially if you’re a harmonizing variant and into (depth/Jungian) psychology like me. I will admit it doesn’t focus much on auxiliary/co-pilot Fe–a lot more on Ni and Se, but I promise it’s good. The insights about Ni are breathtaking, and she has a lot of wisdom to share on the Se inferior function problem that has helped me. Sorry I just had to mention that for any INFJs who might be interested.)

    Antonia, I listened to the episode “Cognitive Functions and Time” and I absolutely loved it!! It’s definitely one of my top five favorites–I’m always thinking, “Wow, that was such a cool podcast.” Just wanted to let you know. 🙂 I also really love the ones on Jungian concepts, especially “Personality Types and Our Persona Masks” and “Using Archetypes for Personal Growth.” It would be great if you could do more of those in the future–maybe about the Transcendent Function? The series on Goddesses in Everywoman and Gods in Everyman was fantastic, and I’m considering buying the books. It clarified so much on the Anima/Animus archetype in Beebe’s model (I’m a Hades btw). The two ones on cognitive function polarities were great, too.
    Sorry this comment is so long–I’m making up for all the podcasts I didn’t comment on. 🙂
    Anyway, thank you for your amazing work and being my mentors on the Hero’s Journey of individuation, and congratulations again! I haven’t attended any of the live events yet but I hope to on September 30!


  • Aj

    Congratulations on 500 episodes! I have always loved your voices and your relationship, and that’s what kept me listening before being too interested in MBTI. Then, there was this progression in your podcasts where Antonia would says something profound but overly theoretical, and then Mark would jump in to say “hang on, I’m the listener and I want something practical, now translate” – and this slick communication between theory and practice kept me involved.

    Always waiting to hear your voices again during workout.

    • Joel Mark Witt

      Thank you AJ for the kind words and feedback. Happy to have you as a listener.

  • Danielle G

    I’m about an hour in so I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but I will. I just wanted to say that I think that listening to Joel’s story is very interesting! But maybe as another ENFP, I’m biased. But I do think it’s always interesting to see how people get from point a to point b to point c. Because very rarely do we wake up at like 18, I’m going to do “x”, and have that be the trajectory of our lives.

    Like thinking back to my life, I probably wouldn’t be in the field I am now had my 11th grade history teacher not talked me into taking his AP government class my senior year of high school. This wasn’t a straightforward path (I don’t work in government, but adjacent to it in many respects). But still, I definitely like to say I just sort of fell into my career (I work in non-profit fundraising). But there is a set of events and choices that lead me to it even if they were chaotic and not straightforward (but then again I AM an ENFP. Sometimes you have to embrace parts of the stereotype.)

    There have been other non-career moments where I’ve just had to sit and think “How did I end UP here?” At least one of those stories I can’t tell because it may or may not involve an NDA. 😅

    I’ve been a listener since my undergrad years at college. So 2017? I know the podcast helped me a lot during a very dark time in my life from 2018-2019. Congratulations on this milestone!

    • Joel Mark Witt

      Thank you Danielle for the feedback and validation from another ENFP. It’s cool that you’ve been with us since 2017.

  • vic (infj preferences)

    Congratulations to Antonia, Joel and the whole team! This is such an impressive achievement!

    Best wishes to you for whatever paths you decide to take in the future!

    On the overall impact that Personality Hacker has had for me: your descriptions of the cognitive functions and your “Car Model” have been really useful. And I appreciate the advice to think of type as a model rather than the “truth” – we’re all much more complex than a personality type, and some type-based recommendations may be generally useful but won’t necessarily work for everyone of a given type.

    A suggestion for future episodes: I’d be interested in some further in-depth explorations of each of the cognitive functions. Perhaps ideas for ways to use each function positively and creatively, even if they’re ones we’re not particularly comfortable with?

    And just in case anyone’s interested, here’s my personal list of top ten Personality Hacker podcast episodes (so far), based on how useful or insightful I found them for my own experiences and challenges:

    166 – “Becoming A Laughing Freeman”
    207 – “Power Of Self Care”
    361 – “Markers Of Personality Type Development – Part 1 (with Dr. Dario Nardi)”
    362 – “Markers Of Personality Type Development – Part 2 (with Dr. Dario Nardi)”
    411 – “How To Prioritize Personal Growth Work”
    447 – “Design A Good Map Of Personality Type”
    304 – “How Personality Types Feel Judged”
    450 – “Internal vs External Action”
    260 – “Surrender To The Work”
    343 – “Dealing with Trauma in Your Auxiliary Copilot Cognitive Function”

    I’m still working my way through the “Why the World Needs…” series, but the ones I’ve listened to are definitely high on my list too.

    Many thanks!

    • Joel Mark Witt

      Thank you Vic for the kind words, ideas, and sharing your list of favorite shows. I forgot the Laughing Freeman episode and am reminded that I too love that one.

      I appreciate you as a listener and would love to have you join us a a live podcast show at some point in the future.

      • vic (infj preferences)

        Thanks, Joel!

  • Eric

    I never knew about Joel’s various rules, but I have to say they’re brilliant, it does explain the quality of the podcast a bit now that I know the thought put into it. I’m a late-comer by your standards only listening since Feb 2022 but Joel’s mannerism of “including the audience” in reference at the end as the 3rd mic, the candid banter and discussion that every episode starts with, it’s just so good! Feels like you’re sitting down with a group to do a casual discussion & lecture. I’m getting less interested in podcasts these days and I’m finding most aren’t worth my attention span (5 minutes of disjointed advertising, random news I didn’t come to my podcast app to hear, all this from other podcasts I frequent) but PH podcast is totally able to keep my attention.

    • Joel Mark Witt

      Thank you Eric for singing my praises… hahaha. Appreciate you as a listener and for the feedback on the show. You should come be part of a live show in the future if we come to a city near you.

  • Angie

    Listened to the whole thing. This episode and the 499 before it. Thank you for being awesome!

    • Joel Mark Witt

      Thank you Angie for the kind words and listening. Maybe we can meet in person some day.

      • Fleur INTJ

        I appreciate this genuine episode to get to see how your lives have changed. You’ve felt like companions to me for 6 years.

        I wanted to add on what Joel said about speaking with certainty on a complex subject. It might sell more in the short-term, but people end up making the difference, and trusting you more when you give lots of nuances and place things into context. Don’t you get wary when someone is trying to sell you something and they only talk about the advantages very broadly?

        It’s definitely uncomfortable to not have all the answers, and I see it in my forestry job: we can’t say for certain what tree species or management style will produce more wood, or why the trees are dying. But I think intelligent people do appreciate more a nuanced explanation with lots of hypotheses and caveats.
        Thanks for the episode!

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