4 Styles of Intuitive Personality Types | Podcast 508

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In this episode of the Personality Hacker podcast, Joel and Antonia talk about the 4 expressions or styles of the Intuitive Cognitive Functions of “Perspectives” (Introverted Intuition) and “Exploration” (Extraverted Intuition).



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In this podcast you’ll find:



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Showing 5 comments
  • Tanis

    The “download episode here” link isn’t working, it just refreshes the page. That’s my preferred way to listen!

  • SU

    “download episode here” link not working

  • Katerina

    Hi. ENFJ here. This podcast has given me so much insight! I used to have a tendency to use my Ni-analytical in a kind of toxic way towards myself and others. And since I started my self-improvment journey, I have been trying to focus on Ni-holistic. It has brought me so much peace and serenity. I am a tarot reader now, I am studying a coaching course (to become rather receptive) and when I tap into this holistic energy, people get open-mouthed, as, I suppose, my Fe directs all my “perspective power” to them. I don’t know if it makes sense, however, it is how I feel it. :))))))

  • Kristi Kneedler

    I think I’m an INFP this week, for real I’m so indecisive. I identify with the analytic style of NE but want to be more wholistic.

  • Taylor

    Great job on the banter, you two! Gold star! ☺️
    “Banter is reward in itself, sir!” 😆
    It’s funny, because for whatever reason, Antonia, I have always sensed your Ne and I’ve been a listener since about 2015. It’s never been a question for me that you’re utilizing Ne-Ti-Fe in the podcasts. Granted, I have always gotten a different vibe from yours and Joel’s Ne, yet it was still interesting to me to hear you’ve gotten the feedback that others cannot see your Ne in the podcast at all. I can definitely validate how the holistic versions – and particularly the holistic versions of perceiving functions? – are much quieter and less obvious across the board. And personally, I have always conceptualized your Ne as being this quiet, strong, golden thread that weaves throughout all of your Ti-Fe during the podcast. It’s quiet, yet kind of underlies everything that seems more externally “obvious” or “loud” on the podcast (like your Ti).

    All of that said… Thanks for the podcast, as always. Learning about subtypes has been immensely helpful and gives another important layer to work on some one-sidedness in myself. The piece about analytic Ni “not always having the receipts” is so painfully true. While I think I lean more holistic overall (and am too one-sided there right now), I could relate to some aspects of both.

    I also appreciated you fillet-ing out how analytic Ne and analytic Ni are different! Definitely provided clarity.

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