[VIDEO] How To Deal With Emotional Triggers As A Romantic Couple

In this webinar Joel & Antonia walk through the types of triggers that lead to arguments and fights as a couple. They will help you create a “system map of awareness” that you can use to get out of a trigger event with your partner.

Want to learn more about the best ways to leverage a deep understanding of you and your partner’s personality types to strengthen your relationship? 

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This program is designed to help you create a side-by-side Map of each other’s personalities to be truly seen, accepted and understood by your partner, and wake up happy together.

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  • Wendy Edwards

    Wow! Absolutely loved this! So much information! I took 6 pages of notes to try to capture that feeling of elevated self awareness. You two are awesome! Thank you so much!

  • Nataliia

    Hi Joel, Antonia, and PH team

    Thank you for sharing this webinar in a recording. The only reason I’ve missed the live event is the time zone differences. It’s great to hear the replay through, full of wisdom as always, and thanks again for making it available!

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