[VIDEO] Test #2 – Joel & Antonia Take Questions From Community Members (live show test)



In this video Joel & Antonia do a second test of a live video show. This time they take live callers on air.

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  • Steve U

    Sounds like Ne dominant really needs to bring a 360 degree head mounted video camera on trips with them so they can take in the concepts and patterns mentally and then let the camera actually record the experience as well for review later if desired.

  • Mrs Helen Thomas

    Re Presence/Ego work, Ken Wilber has a great way of explaining the necessity of both. He speaks of the importance of ‘Growing Up & Waking Up’ and that if we only focus on one of those, we can’t become a whole person. He gives the example of a few spiritual teachers who developed a deep spiritual practice ( so they have awakened to their authentic self) and so can appear very evolved to their students but not having grown up, via ego work, they can be abusive to students (inappropriately sexual for example). He says the two need to happen hand in hand. The person who has awoken to their authentic self but hasn’t worked on their ego will often be in a spiritual bypass (spiritually alive but bypassing the messy ego work).

  • James

    Joel zones out I think because his Fi values are well developed and I think his ego is very much tied to these values. He values the quality of his work and the quality of the delivery of the products that he creates. Joel was right too about sex differences creating a different use or outcome in how our cognitive functions show up. I think a lot of this has to do with how much men tend to value concrete things such as audio video quality where as for Antonia she may value how people feel about the audio and video quality more so. So regardless that Antonia would be thought of as a thinker and Joel a feeler, this in no way makes her cold and him more warm. This would be a subject matter issue based on brain chemistry and the influence of hormones like testosterone and estrogen that create these differences.

    INTJ females could be seen as cold and logical, in my personal experience with them they are surprisingly warm and emotional, much more similar to INFJs with a strong Fe development.

    Just my 2 cents. Love the idea of a call in show, I like quick answers.

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