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PHQ | QUESTIONS FROM COMMUNITY: In this episode Joel and Antonia answer a listener question about how Intuitive Thinker women express feminine energy.



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  • Poppy

    1. About how to attract NT women to retreats, workshops, etc: Offer to talk with us about systems and patterns. That’d have ME salivating to go.

    2. About gendered energy and Deida’s work: Antonia, are you familiar at all with the work being done by Kelly Diels? For the last year, she’s been doing some very smart work around social patterns in personal development and women’s empowerment, and the messages those patterns are sending.

    3. I’ve really appreciated your thoughts…. can tell you more in 3-5 days when I’ve finished thinking about them (my little NT joke!). I DO notice the 10% out-of-sync in women’s groups – I also travel in some pretty woo-woo kinds of groups – talking about masculine and feminine energy is a good example, as it’s a concept I’ve just rejected in favor of more descriptive words that are less easy to misunderstand. There’s a shared vocabulary that -I think- Feeler Women accept, but I as a Thinker want to pull back the curtain and consider the system and pattern expressed by it.

  • Dana

    This is a great start to the week, especially since I’ll be heading home for a holiday filled with – you guessed it – many female “F” personalities, sensibilities, and expectations. It’s easier for me to remain objective about being in the minority when I think about it as a numbers game. Relatively speaking, there are simply not that many NTs, let alone NT women, in the world.

    I resonate with several aspects of Antonia’s experience, such as not really identifying with comments or stereotypes about “women” voiced by other people. I enjoy watching Mad Men, for example, perhaps because the overt sexism in the show doesn’t really get under my skin. I know others who couldn’t see past the sexist dialogue to be able to enjoy the plot as it unfolded.

    I also wholeheartedly agree that giving no f*cks while continuing to move towards what you want in your life is a useful strategy. My brother and I call it “negative f*cks to give,” where negative = less than 0. I am biased that NT women, in particular, should adopt this perspective, but I think it applies to all types.

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