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  • Your courses have changed my life immeasurably, and in so many ways! In everything - from what I do with my time, the wonderful people I now get to meet and feel comfortable with, even my ability relate with my husband (especially that one), the quality of my experience is forever better because I found you.

    Barbara Rossen
  • This is all encouraging me to continue along this path. But it really was your work introducing me to the Jungian typology that set me on the path....Through my interactions, I have forwarded a few people to your programs and I know they have found support in them just as I have.

    Samantha Vilppu
  • As a faithful listener of the Personality Podcast and an INFJ, I want to extend my gratitude to you for your recent INFJ podcast. It hit home on so many levels and reminded me of how much I bring to the world, even with all the unique challenges I have faced. I plan to share it with my mom, another INFJ, soon (how lucky am I, as an INFJ, to have been raised by somebody who truly understands?!!). I also want to say how much I enjoy the podcasts and the website, and I hope you keep it going for a long time to come, because I will be listening and reading!

    Chelsea Rayman
  • Just a word to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your podcasts!  I’m enjoying a bit of a sneak peek at each type, and also some of the other wide ranging relationship and type issues you raise.  The Imago relationships podcast was especially awesome. P.S. Currently re-listening to the intuitive awakening… just loving it!

    Carol Pearce
  • Antonia, since doing my profile with you, I have the validation to be me. Since my childhood I have felt like a square peg in a round hole. I have thoroughly researched my 'profile' through other avenues yet have not been provided with the detail that links it all together - you provided that for me. Love your work.

    Helen McCarthy
  • First and foremost, Thank you Thank you Thank you. The impact Personality Hacker has made on my life has been undoubtedly life changing. As a 29 year old, you have helped me discover I am an INFJ ( or as you call it "perspectives/harmony"). I have spent my life feeling like I was made for another lifetime. Now I know why.

    Romi Freedman
  • I cannot thank you enough! I have been going down the wrong path and am grateful for the redirection! INFJ resonates deeply. I purchased the genius profile and am enjoying the connections. (The ISFJ confused me when I looked at how much I love analyzing, it didn't fit, INFJ does). I listened to the INFJ specific podcasts and the YouTube video on communications between sensing and intuition. I still need to listen to episode 0030. You just gained an advocate for life. Just last night I referred a dear INFP friend to you. Thank you again!!!

    Susan Houck
  • I ran into Antonia for the first time while listening to a podcast. Hearing her talk, the ease and depth with which she discussed type struck me. At that time I was looking for a true professional that would be able to help me gain more insight into myself and I knew I had to connect with her. As we did our extended session, I had the pleasure of experiencing a very empathic, straightforward, clear and insightful woman. Antonia helped me find answers and see things about myself that were priceless. I recommend her to anyone looking for valuable answers!

    Tom de Kok
  • I loved reading my personality profile! I had always wondered why I had such an ability, and love of, finding new information and integrating it into my worldview. At first I thought, “Well no wonder I act the way that I do,” but I still wasn’t necessarily happy with it. Once I started acting on developing exploration, new worlds of possibility and opportunity opened up. It was like magic.Thanks very much for putting this together!

    Evan van Driel

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