PHQ | QUESTIONS: How To Organize An ENTP

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PHQ | QUESTIONS FROM COMMUNITY: In this episode, Joel and Antonia answer a question from an INTJ listener about how to help an ENTP organize their work life.

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  • Stephanie Oldham

    Thank you for this podcast! As an ENTP, I can definitely relate to issues of overpromising. However, I don’t experience it for the same motivation. I usually plan things (MY idea, as opposed to saying yes to someone else) that I genuinely in the moment find enjoyable or exciting “in theory”, but start to fall apart the next week or month when I said I would do it, because I had no idea in realistic terms what it would look like to pull it off. I’m much better at saying no to things to please others.

  • Peter Freeman

    New to your site. As a Jungian clinician who sees Type awareness as essential to my work with clients, I’m very impressed. I will explore further. I love the nuances in typology.

    I am a gregarious INTP (tested INTP for decades, more recently as ENTP myself, but loyal to an INTP sensibility). I refer to myself as a gregarious recluse. My wife laughs, because there is truth to it.

    Great insights here about ENTPness. You’re fortunate to have an assistant who provides the structure. What of the ENTP left to her/his own devices? I have an architect client who struggles mightily with organization, asks for an assistant, but is denied. I need to help and it feels a bit like the blind leading the blind. :~)

    Best regards.

  • Shannon

    Hi i love this, makes me feel really confident as an entp, it bloody great, but heres my question, i love listening to your conversations about improving myself on the go, can i get a downloadable copy of this please?

    • Claude


      If you have an iphone or use some other podcast service or app you can download them there and listen to them on the go. This is what I do. Hope this helps.

  • Teressa

    From an INFJ:

    I went to a sales conference long ago and they called a their customer service strategy “under-promise and over-deliver.” I realized that was my strategy already, in the sense that I fully understood how to win over any customer and find a mutually satisfying strategy without making any promises I could not deliver. I never promised things I can’t deliver but I did promise to follow up regularly which is completely reasonable and I let them know I was taking ownership of resolving the issue. If it’s situation that requires a timely resolution I would tell the customer I would call them back for a status update, even if I did not have the desired resolution in place. I would try though to prioritize the issue to get it resolved ASAP.

    I would recommend speaking with your employer and coming to a general consensus regarding what would be a good “service level agreement.” It’s a general turn time for each issue that is determined by how timely it should be resolved based on priority and your current case level. You can buy yourself more time and set the expectation with customers that it will take more time, for issues that are not as vital and build in time for fires that need to be put out right away. Some people want things done right away but most people want things completely resolved even if it takes a bit more time. If you can get the message across that it may take a bit longer to resolve, because it’s getting done thoroughly (they will never have to think about it again), most people will appreciate and value this, especially if you check in with them regularly.

    I understand if this does not work for you in your world but I hope sincerely that it does.


    • Alana K. Asby

      For those whose budgets limit exploration, building music playlists for each activity, adding to the playlists regularly, and listening to them when it’s time to get into flow is very helpful. ENTP’s have the ability to enjoy far more varied kinds of music, from many different cultures, than the average bear. That’s exploration, too; and listening to the resulting playlists puts you back into that mindset you had when finding the music.

  • Brianna

    What’s the name of the study Antonia mentions in this podcast? Is it published anywhere? Is there anyway I can read it? I’ve heard it mentioned several times in the content on this website, and I wanted to see if it was available anywhere.

    (I know this question wasn’t directly related to the topic of this podcast, but I asked because I’m sure I’m not the only ine interested.)

    Good content as always.

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