PHQ | QUESTIONS: Personality Types In Babies and Kids

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PHQ | QUESTIONS FROM COMMUNITY: In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about uncovering the personality type of your baby or small child.



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In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about uncovering the personality type of your baby or small child. #myersbriggs #personalitytype #childrenspersonalities

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  • Ash

    Interesting podcast!

    There were certain impressions I had about my kids as infants that I didn’t have a name for then that I now recognize as their driver functions…

    My first born (now 12) is a pretty clear ENTP as far as I can tell, and the one thing I remember from her infancy was a fearlessness when she interacted with her environment. She loved snuggling, sure, and was well-attached, but she was the reason we had to install window locks on all the windows and high locks on every door. Apparently, I was similar as a child (also ENTP), my first phrase being “Me do it!” (don’t help/stop me!!)

    My 10yo was very sensitive, quick to cry, quick to pout, and obsessed with physical/emotional comfort. After my fearless ENTP (who only cried communicatively), I thought my 2nd was *dying* the first time something startled her. Apparently, she disliked my tone of voice. We now suspect a pretty clear Fi preference (probably ISFP).

    It’s fascinating to think about in retrospect, but I wouldn’t even venture a guess about my youngest, who’s only four.

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