Podcast – Episode 0003 – Personal Intelligence

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In this podcast, Antonia & Joel talk about Personal Intelligence.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • This podcast episode will talk about personal intelligence.
  • Kinesthetic intelligence – natural dexterity.
  • Analytic intelligence – Our culture’s ultimate definition of intelligence.
  • Emotional intelligence (EQ) – A book written by Daniel Goldman. People with Emotional Intelligence understand and control their emotions and have them work for you.
  • There are different types of intelligence and we have a tendency to have a preference from one of the other.
  • Personal intelligence – the power of personality and how it shapes our lives by John D. Mayer.
  • As per John D. Mayer, “Personal Intelligence is the capacity to identify and reason about information about personality. We use this ability to recognize information about people from their appearance, possessions and behaviors and use that to label our impressions of a person and to match that impression to our knowledge of similar people. From such clues, we deduce how to behave with the person and how that person will treat us in return and we look for clues about our own selves to better understand our needs and map out our previous plans”.
  • Pattern recognizing – gives us the ability to see similarities between people’s behavior and attitudes.
  • Personal typing VS Stereotyping. Personal typing is well researched with different structured systems.
  • Introspective – ability to enter your mind and understand who you are as a human being
  • Intraspective – ability to understand other people’s dynamics (social intelligence)
  • Most personal psychology tools are very useful on their base fundamentals but most of them can expounded indefinitely.
  • A simple hobby or curiosity will help increase personal intelligence.

Things we reference in this podcast:

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Showing 3 comments
  • Kristin

    Last night I was looking for a new podcast to listen to while I play games on my phone (it makes me feel like I’m not completely wasting my time). I usually download two or three episodes of a podcast to see if I like the people hosting it and the actual content. This is the first episode I listened to and I LOVED IT within the first 5 minutes. This is exactly what I’m interested in and am always mulling over in my head. I immediately subscribed via iTunes and can’t wait to listen to all the past episodes! I’ll be a bit sad when I’m all caught up because then I’ll have to wait weekly for a new one. Thanks for making this for personality nerds like me!

    (Funny coincidence, a couple of weeks ago, my cousin posted her results to the Personality Test on this site and I think I actually took the test! I was on my phone so I didn’t get to peruse the rest of the site. The name “Personality Hacker” clicked when at the end of this podcast episode, you mention the website and the personality test. I’m about to go and dissect the site now. . .)

    • Antonia Dodge

      Oh, sweet!

      Thanks for listening – let us know if there’s a topic you’d like us to talk about in a future podcast.



    • Joel Mark Witt

      Hi Kristin,

      Joel here too. Thanks for listening! And thank you for coming on and commenting. We are really excited to have you apart of the Personality Hacker family. What were the results of your test? I’d be interested to know.


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