Podcast – Episode 0015 – Finding Your Passion

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In this episode, Joel & Antonia answer a question from a listener about finding your passion.

In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Many people say that if you’re living your passion “you never work a day in your life.”
  • We haven’t always had the luxury of asking what our passion is and finding a career which represents it. Technology has democratized the question and the answer.
  • What is passion? Is it an emotion?
  • What is worth it to me so that when I have sticking point and have to do things I don’t want to have to do it’s still important for me to pursue. The outcome of letting the dream die is unconscionable.
  • There’s a big connection between one’s passion and the impact you want to create.
  • Those who want to pursue creative careers tend to find their passion earlier in life and follow it young.
  • Model: Passion, Purpose and Mission.
  • Passion is anything that lights a fire under you. It keeps you focused on an end game. It’s unthinkable to stop.
  • Purpose is helping define ‘why am I here’? Our minds wander to ‘how do I leave the camp better than when I got here’? It’s a focus on contribution.
  • Mission is being a light-bearer, and people are following you as a leader.
  • Super successful people aren’t just focused on their own personal success, but on the industry they’re in as a whole. “The rising tide raises all ships.”
  • Model: Power, Achievement and Affiliation.
  • These are motivators for knowing what means something to you. Power may be motivated by gaining greater responsibility over others, affiliation may be motivated by recognition and achievement is motivated by having accomplished something.
  • What is your end game, is it wrapped up in power, achievement or affiliation?
  • Sometimes it’s not a matter of finding your passion, it’s a matter of having permission to know your passion. Suddenly you’re responsible to your passion, and some may not feel ready for it or have permission to pursue it.
  • Being fully authentic as a person is a vital component to following your passion.
  • A better question than “what do you want to be when you grow up?” is “WHO do you want to be when you grow up?”

Exercises we recommend in this podcast:

1. What subject do you love so much that if you were in a restaurant and people at the next table over were talking about this subject you would interrupt their conversation in order to talk about it with them?

2. What problem or challenge have you solved that you will interrupt people in a restaurant to share the solution with them?

3. If you had a microphone in front of you and for 10 minutes the entire planet had to stop and listen to everything you said, what would you talk about?

Things we reference in this podcast:


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Showing 8 comments
  • Brian

    Love this podcast. Timely content even though it is an older one. You are right. Your passion can be your career and its tasks or it can be your hobby that you do after work. It is still very fulfilling to get caught up in doing what you love to do as a hobby in the evenings and the weekends. Thank you for this podcast.

  • Angela

    My best friend (INTJ) found Antonia and Joel a few months ago. Eventually she talked about it enough to light my curiosity. I jumped around the podcasts for a while and then started from the beginning. I love the content. I love the insights I have gained from looking deeper into my type (ENTP) and functions.

    But this particular podcast was a bit of a downer, for me. What does a person do when their physical and/or mental health stops them from being able to follow their passion?

  • Harlie A

    Hello Antonia and Joel,

    I was listening to this podcast today, and found it very insightful. I am a Graphic Designer and I do freelance design work for a non profit group in Austin Texas that is doing great things with coaching and guiding young adults and teens in this exact thing- discovering their purpose/passion in life. They have a booklet that I am actually working through right now with the director of this non profit and think it could have different insights and approaches that y’all might find really interesting. It has the individual look at not only their personality type but their good and bad past experiences, skills and challenges, and things the individual is already passionate about, then making connections and drawing lines between all these things to see what the common themes are. Then after thinking and exploring different paths you could see yourself going down, delving into a sort of business plan for how you could make a passion of yours into a reality with achievable steps.

    I have been on my own personal growth path recently and have been listening to yalls podcasts probably too much, haha. But I wanted to also just thank y’all for speaking on questions and topics that I, and I’m sure so many others, have been seeking for insight on. You have both been a really big help for me as I go down a path of self discovery and growth. I recommend y’all to everyone I know.

    This is a link to that book, if you’re interested.


  • Matt

    Passion. Purpose. Mission. Y’all, I can’t even. I SO needed to binge your podcasts today.

  • Kelly

    Antonia hit it right on the head when she explained that not being authentic/true to yourself could be why a person’s passion may be foggy.

    My husband is an ISFP and he is the bomb.com at this. Never met anyone more sure of themselves. I constantly am in awe with the sound decisions he makes when it comes to the important life decisions in his/our life.

    Me as an ENTJ am finding this is not my “strong suit.” I was developing my core inner values pretty well about a year ago… Just started into my first year of my career and shocker, I’ve been in workaholic mode nonstop. Now my passion and vision are scattered and foggy, and I’m not 100% of who I am, but definitely know my career as a teacher feels like a square peg in a round hole.

    I would honestly say my answers to the three questions are:

    1. I would absolutely hands down talk about cognitive functions with a table…… I pretty much already do this. I’ve always been this way since high school (around some psychology topic, but generally personality topics of some sort).

    2. Uhh. This one is a little shaky. I would say probably the fact that I pushed myself to exhaustion a couple of years ago doing something I hated and how I had to turn down a huge promotion to take care of myself. But then again I really don’t know that I would share this with strangers.

    3. Now this I am drawing a blank… More importantly I’m drawing a blank and trying to fill it with expectations of what I should talk about (I.e. Religion, saying yes to life, following dreams, etc.) if someone handed my a mic today I would probably say my general philosophy on life, which is cut the crap. Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. Don’t be some one you’re not. Have integrity and respect each other. If everyone in the world would just look out for one person (or at least not wrong another person intentionally) pretty much the world would be a better place. (Mic drop).

  • Kirk tully

    This is great! I used a different program (called “start with why” by simon sinek) to find my passion and having found it I am definitely fighting with, am I allowed to do this? I’m not sure how to monetize it and I’m definitely “hiding” (as you call it in some if your blog posts) who I am because I’m not sure I’m allowed to be myself. Thank you for this podcast and for being people who remind us that we are allowed to be ourselves and we are not alone (us weirdo intuitives).

    You mentioned that there are not many people answering the question, how do we do this. But I am wondering, where do we find inspirers? You mentioned watching the movie about the finance guy, and I’m sure we can interweb the question, but being inspired by you guys I’m wondering who inspires you. (Hope those beards and stone chiseling skills are growing well…. )

  • Frederick

    Thank you guys for answering my question in this episode.

    I’ll share what my take on passion is. First of all passion is a freaking nominalization! I had this insight not long after i asked that question, i asked myself why it was so difficult for me to define something and the answer was that passion it’s not a frozen thing, it’s the process of passioning.

    So this is the first big insight into defining passion.

    Then i thought about the process of passioning and the concept of “flow” and how they are connected. When you are “passioning” you are in flow meaning that the activity that you are engaging lights up your brain like a christmas tree (like drinking Margarita for Antonia :D)

    Then i thought about your genius style model and passion for me are simply the activities that you do that puts you in flow, that tap into your driver process.

    For me is gathering massive amounts of informations and speculating about those information, this puts me in flow. I remember one afternoon when i layed down on the floor 50 paper sheets with maps and models and i tried to sinthetize everything in one mega-framework.

    I was alone, door locked, cell phone and landline phone disconnected. it was amazing! I started at 2pm and the first time i watched the clock it was 7pm.

    The missing piece about this model was the primary interest metaprogram which defines where you put attention. I’m obviously interested in informations about people, so at the end of my speculative attempt passion has two layers:
    1) your genius style
    2) your primary interest

    For example i love gathering massive amounts of informations and speculating about those informations but i don’t like gathering informations about gardening. I’m interested in human psychology.

    To make a living from that you simply ask yourself “how can you use your genius style and your primary interest to create value for other so that they will pay you money”

    For me it’s marketing and advertising. When i read Claude Hopkins “Scientific Advertising” in Chapeter 6 he said “Psychology: the more you know the better”, i’m deeply interested in human psychology and i can use my interest in that topic + my natural talent of gathering information, speculating and connecting concepts together to create marketing campaigns that push all the irrational buttons and motivations that make people buy.

    Ok so that’s for me.

    As I said earlier to Antonia i’m probably an INFJ so i naturally tried to do some perspectiving work to simulate this model on other personality types but i figured out it’s best to simply ask if my model work for you too guys 🙂

    • Antonia Dodge

      That’s a GREAT observation. Passion (as with pretty much everything in life) is a verb – we are definitely ‘passioning’, though nominalizing it for a time can be helpful for deciding a direction. Our passions definitely take on other forms over time. That said, focusing on one thing for a time period is definitely powerful.

      I know quite a few AMAZING INFJ copywriters. It’s a great way to monetize your talent and passion. The direction copy is going definitely lends itself to the INFJ mindset, as well.

      Thanks for the high quality question and the high quality comment!


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