Podcast – Episode 0033 – Developing Intuition Action Plan

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In this episode Joel and Antonia talk about developing an intuition action plan.

In this podcast you’ll find:

3 important components that an intuitive can introduce to their life when developing intuition in order to be at their happiest:

  1. You and your intuition
  2. Your intuition and other people
  3. Your intuition and what you do in the world

You and your intuition (Personal level: How it impacts you as a person)

  • Become the healthiest version of yourself as you can be.
  • Self permission and self acceptance is the baseline.
  • After acceptance, learn to navigate through the world and manage that component. Once done in a positive way, it makes an intuitive amazingly healthy.
  • There is a need to manage intuitive energy based on your intuitive type. Make sure to do things that feel natural to you.
  • For example, avoid small talks if it doesn’t come naturally for you unless the return is high and it is being done for the benefit of others.
  • Make sure to do things that exercises your intuitive energy.
  • If your job, family or people close to you sap your intuitive energy, do baby steps to redefine your position and slowly take your intuitive needs met.

Your intuition and other people around you

  • How do you make your way through the world wherein most people learn information and think differently from you?
  • Usually, once Intuitives recognize who they are, they think they are better than most people but that doesn’t increase their personal happiness.
  • They need to understand that they have unique abilities that most people don’t but a part of the world needs filling in.
  • They should learn to appreciate non-intuitive people (people who have Sensory learning style); what they give to the world. Giving permission to others to be who they are doesn’t mean they will give permission for you to be who you really are.
  • Only you can give that permission which is self sovereignty. It is not about fairness but fundamentally on happiness. Don’t emanate resentment if the favor is not returned.
  • Learn how to blend and be healthy. This  gives opportunity to express to other people one’s intuitive difference from others.
  • Make sure you are having relationships with other Intuitives as well.

Your intuition and what you do in the world

  • How to extend the gifts you have as an intuitive?
  • Foundational needs should be met first and that includes personal relationships.
  • Realization. You might be doing what you were always told that you “should do” than what is really in your heart and mind.R
  • Redirection. You reapply all skills you have learned to whatever you love.
  • Progression of passion, purpose and mission. Passion is the starting point. Doing the thing you love and maybe using it in earning a living. This graduates to purpose; how to keep doing the thing you love and also impact the world in a positive way? Then it becomes a mission.
  • An awareness of a purpose and a strong will to make a movement that could change or lead to more positive things. Play with options and see what happens.

Exercises we recommend in this podcast

  1. Write down the 5 things that gives you energy as an intuitive. What is it that builds into your intuition?
  2. Think abbot the ways you can communicate your intuition, ways you can hold space and relate to them on your terms if they don’t think like you do.


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Showing 21 comments
  • Jonas Birkeland

    Amazing insights you share through your podcast. Thank you.

    Shared some of your insight with my mother who has been blending her whole life – and it made her cry.

    As for my story – I’ve always moved with my goal in mind, as I am quite assertive, and I have never been afraid of trying out new things. This brought me to a career as a test engineer in a conservative company. In the process I lost my main conversation partner who also was an Ni main function. This means I have been the odd one out throughout my education and work – surrounded by many not understanding Ni nor Ef as main functions. I know that when I open up many of my colleagues look down at me. My boss is a big Es user, with little understanding for pondering perspectives. My work has many regular engineer tasks that have to be done quickly, and in the same way as they always have been done. This is a big challenge.

    As a result, inaction is number one, as energy is just drained by these circumstances. Now, my first and foremost action has been to find a new job with more independence. Now I am also on the lookout for work in research, where freedom to explore new ideas is one of the main goals.

    In addition I think Joel’s point of following implusive activities is a good one – especially if I have identified those types of activities before. Calling an intuitive friend, listening to personality hacker (it actually sparks intuitive thought processes for me in a relaxing way), or maybe also write out patterns of thought

  • Julie

    The Android link to the app doesn’t lead anywhere. Where is the app?

  • Ajay gurjar

    You give us task to write down the 5 things that give you energy as an intuitive . And what us it that builds into your intuition? Here my confusion is that I can’t able to think about intuition alone ? I am seeing my energy pattern as whole personality which is infp so in this energy question I am also considering my introvert nature and feeling cognitive function .Could you tell me how can I think just as an intuitive ?

  • J.D.

    Another comment 2 years later 🙂

    Who do you think you are (to create).
    No one said it (I believe), but I said it to myself. Does that has a purpose ? I don’t know. But it blocks, so I like the word ‘permission’ a lot. And I agree : being playful helps the permission-giver in you.

  • David

    This is going to seem really lazy and is more of a house keeping issue. I think it’s good you are asking for reviews of your podcasts (all I have listened to have been very informative and professional!) My request as a non i-tunes user is please have a link to the location to leave a review since I listen to them on your website. I think this will increase the amount of reviews you get. Thank you for all that you two do.

    • Charis Branson

      Thanks for the recommendation David. I totally get it. I personally hate itunes at times. Every time I try to review anything it deletes my well-thought out review. However, I just spent the last half hour trying to figure out if there was a way to externally link to the reviews for the podcast and it doesn’t look like its possible. Even though I have an iphone and an itunes account on my computer it still made me login with my itunes ID before it would even let me access the review page. itunes may have us by the short-hairs on this one. I will try and do some more digging.

      Thank you for being a podcast listener. We appreciate you! 🙂

  • Kunjana

    oh sorry i wanted to add one more point. i think because of the sensation and intuition divide, and because how much sensation driven processes are a part of our daily life, i can often feel “dumb” in a sensory way. like how Antonia struggled with her passport proceedings, documentation is death for me too. and any time i have to expend energy doing practical tasks like filling out forms, cheques etc, that’s when the other side of being an intuitive really hits me, and it’s not a very pretty feeling since almost everybody else seems to get on fine! getting groceries, handling cash etc takes very conscious action and attention for me. i feel like a helpless little kid lol, and some of these activities i have actually come to dread and fear. luckily though for me, i have 3 sensors in my family and they seem to be pros at this stuff, so i have help. but that also makes me a little dependent on them, more than i wish to be, and it feels a bit like they are babysitting me at times. although i do realize that with time and practice, these things get better, more familiar. but man, are they a bother or what. and on an unrelated note, i have seen a lot of intuitives getting bashed up for not living in “the real world”, as if tangible and concrete reality is the only kind there is – it hurts a bit, and sometimes i feel like questioning their nature, idea and definition of reality – so it’s a good note you guys touched upon that intuitives should try to meet sensors halfway and the latter might not always be as understanding/accommodating of the former’s reality, but i guess that matters less and less once the former becomes stronger and more comfortable with their intuition and the idea of subjective and varied “real” can really be.

  • Kunjana

    hi! i think it’s a terrible trap to find yourself into if you’re an intuitive and you think that makes you smarter etc. any comparison is pretty derogatory actually haha. i kind of see it as how without Se and Si, we’d be pretty much nothing on an evolutionary level. and if only intuitives ran the world, then the world would be a theory or an abstract concept lol. anyway, very nice podcast! i really liked the part about giving yourself permission and self-sovereignty and at the same time not going too “i’m too good for sensory shit” about it and losing all sense of balance, and tangible presence. like one of the people who have commented above, i too would love to see more stuff on the S’s – probably because i get the N’s on an N level 😉

  • Molly Irene

    This is really interesting, thanks for posting!

    As someone who considers myself an extroverted intuitive/introverted thinker, I was especially struck by your comments on small talk. I keep choosing work where I’m immersed in cultures I’m completely unfamiliar with (Alaskan natives, Caucuses, Albanians), which is great when I can go out exploring, stumble on festivals, find new paths, etc. Something that I fund incredibly difficult and draining, however, is months (and months, and months) of small talk in a language I simply don’t know well enough to “deep dive” with. I’m continually aspiring to simply learn the language well enough to be able to really get to know people (which is super interesting!), but have kind of failed, because it seems to be all memorization and small talk. Do you know any resources that give recommendations for how to more effectively engage with that?

    • Joel Mark Witt

      Hi Molly.

      Thanks for the comment/question.

      So… finding ways to learn a language well enough to “deep dive” with people in other cultures???

      Not sure I would have any advice on this.

      Most Intuitives we coach and work with are still working on doing this with the current language they know.

      So you are into Intuitive conversation 2.0. Uncharted territory.

      And that’s awesome.

      Because you are going to figure this out and then help us teach a course on it someday here at PH.

      So stick around the community. I want to hear what you are learning about this.

  • Alexandra

    Great series but I DID started to feel a bit superior to the sensory folk – which never happened before (I’ve learned about types in 1993). I think more needs to be said about great creative interesting sensory people – for the balance. Thanks for the great podcast!

    • Joel Mark Witt

      Thanks Alexandra.

      As an Intuitive it is hard to not feel superior to Sensor types when you first learn about your intuition.

      It’s most likely due to the fact that (as Intuitives) we’ve had to bend to the “Sensor world” for so long that it’s refreshing to feel permission to not do this for a while.

      But you are right – we all need to value all types and all styles of people.

      Because no one is better than anyone else. It’s simply different skills and perspectives we bring to the table. And there are amazing Sensors in my life that I love.

  • Leonard

    Antonia, Joel

    Great podcast, found the comments on energy management insightful. I have only recently been becoming aware of how much of an energy drain certain things are in my life. And that I am alright, not faulty because I struggle with these certain things.

    This series of podcast’s has been very helpful and instructive, thanks for doing them.

  • Peggy

    So, permission to be who I am and tell my truth…I give myself the greatest permission on FB – on my page where others come because they also share that truth. I have started posting my truth on my personal page. My family and friends local dont really gravitate to that. But those who I have met through social media do and I am very grateful for it!

    • Joel Mark Witt

      This is awesome Peggy that you are starting to give yourself permission.

  • Peggy

    I love your podcasts! I have to say, though, this idea that I may act superior that others when I make my intuitive realization….I have had people (who have poor self esteem) tell me I act superior simply because I point out that I am (for eg.) intuitive, in the 25%, that I see things in a way others dont….This has been so hurtful and alienting. It is not that I boast – I am overly conscious of my humility. Its what other – nonintuitives who are still in a hierarchical mindset think. This makes it very difficult to talk openly about how I perceive things. I am certain that this was why early mystics did not tell of their ideas (of course they were also killed for them!) Yes, when the way I describe my reality is bigger than someone elses and they feel threatened by how I think, they say, I act superior. And yes, they do not give me permission to be me when they do this. Its very difficult. I can remember telling my mom that I never thought I would be discriminated against for thinking.

  • Michael

    Thank you both! Action is truly key.

    Psyched for the podcasts on ‘finding your purpose’!

    I was in this phase for a while of my life, unsure of my true mission. I did an exercise others might find helpful:

    Write down what you think your purpose is. Keep writing down your purpose until you write down the one that makes you cry.

    • Joel Mark Witt

      Great idea Michael. You gave me an idea. We should “Crowdsource” some of people’s ideas on how to find purpose. I think with a group of focused people who want to develop personally – we will get some interesting suggestions. Stay tuned. 🙂

  • Neil Bullen

    Inspiring ! Thank you both..

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