King Of The Wild Things | Podcast 0438

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In this podcast Joel and Antonia feature a talk given at a recent Profiler Training event challenging students to connect with the natural world and themselves.


In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Joel introduces Dan Dodge and his live talk from the recent Profiler Training live event.
  • How does Dan interrupt what an “encounter with self” is?
    • Why is the book “Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak an example of this?
    • How did Dan experience being “a wild thing” when he was a child?
    • What would Dan do if he could live forever?
  • How did Dan’s life dramatically change and what triggered it?
  • Why did Dan give up a great career?
  • How did an owl help Dan regain something that he had lost?
  • Why didn’t Dan quit when the going got tough?
    • What does Dan think is essential for our vitality?
  • How has Dan been able to get a lot more life out of his years?
    • Dan shares one (of his many) near death experiences and what makes it worth it.
  • Does Dan get scared when he is out in the wilderness?
  • What are some key points Joel and Antonia took away from Dan’s talk?


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  • MI

    This reminds me a lot of my NFP husband. When he was younger he shared stuff with me by John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt and Two Hearted River, and would hike to ice caves and go camping in the middle of the forest, and exploring ruins.

    Right now we’re in that rough middle patch, with two very young children and his values are not aligned with occasionally leaving us and doing his own thing. We still visit somewhat wild places, but it’s limited and often stressful. Joel and Antonia have made things work with kids, but it seems like many of the introvert intuitives from these podcasts are childless and often single. This makes sense, since they’re more likely to have the time, but I would enjoy hearing more about people’s experiences as introverted intuitives building families while retaining some of that sense of exploration and wonder.

  • Trevor (INTJ)

    I’m 49. I love to run outdoors in pretty much any weather. I’ve run in 34 C wind chill to 40 C humidex. I live in Canada, so some of you will have to convert. Sorry.

    A couple years ago, I read the book “Wild” and started thinking about hiking. As in hiking trips like Dan shared. I don’t have the income stream for this yet. Working on that.

    I ended up on a 5 hour 25 km hike yesterday. Something I had planned before listening to the podcast. Then I listened to the podcast and thought this confirms this right.

    I had a wonderful day. Soaking in nature and managed to shut off my social anxiety for maybe a couple days.

    The park I went to, which is a 15 minute drive from me. They offer back country camping. You can’t drive to the site. You can only hike, bike or canoe to the campsite. So I have a training area close by.

    Thank you Dan for sharing. I understand that different people can experience things differently. I tend to marvel nature because the complex systems that exist in nature that are incredibly beautiful.

  • Ryan INFP

    I am not sure what the point of this podcast is.

    • Antonia Dodge

      What do you think was the point of Dan’s talk?


      • Ryan INFP

        I listened resonated with him even though i was born in a city. Started going through his cognitive functions because its personality hacker. Started then thinking about America and the importance of religion in the early years of the country to keep piece even believing something as controversial as Dan. Is this a motivational speech authenticity being the key? It was very easy to visualize what Dan was saying and I liked it. I am asking what did you personality hacker expect people to get from this talk story? That is what I am really asking.

  • Erskien Lenier

    My name is Erskien Lenier. I am an INFP also and about to turn 65 in August. Between cycling and mostly barefoot running I’ve traveled about 910,000 miles so far mostly all over the US and Europe.
    Since very early childhood I’ve had a lust and passion for going on adventures under human power as minimally reliant upon technology as I could muster.
    I am working out the gear I will need and setting up online coaching and mentoring businesses that I can work as desired out of my laptop and or iPhone along the way of what is so far going to be about at least a 3 yr – 30,000 mile run through all 48 of the continental States. It will begin here in Riverside CA where I currently live, go south to the Mexican border at San Diego, then north along Pacific Coast Highway to the Canadian border at Vancouver, hang a right and come back down the back bone of the Sierra mountain chain to the Mexican border again. Then over to the Rockies and weave my way in out of the Rockies back to the Canadian border. I will repeat this pattern until I reach Miami Florida. At that point I may hop over to Europe and do something similar across to South East Asia – Thailand or Vietnam.
    I’ve wanted to become a Personality Hacker MBTI Profiler ever since my first encounter with your testing systems and podcast. Perhaps I can work things out to where I can arrive in whatever region when you’re offering such a training and stay long enough to complete this dream also. Besides talking about fitness building, the biomechanics of running, human fueling I have a tremendous passion for talking with people about personality typing and seeing them light up once they have their results and begin to grasp the deeper appreciation of what they realize about their beautiful selves.

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