ENFJ Careers – 4 Work Styles Of The Personality Type | Podcast 0477

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In this episode of the Personality Hacker podcast, Joel and Antonia explore the 4 work styles that influence ENFJ careers.


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Discover more about subtypes in Dr. Dario Nardi’s “The 64 Subtypes in Depth”

In this podcast you’ll find:


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  • Kavi

    I am a recent follower of your podcast and absolutely love it. Thank you!. I am an university academic, love teaching and research and take immense pleasure in mentoring and training the young ones. My interests and expertise are immunotherapies for cancer. I could completely relate to this episode. I have tried to leave academia and try my hand at other options, never felt satisfied or felt that I fit in (business/accounting). I am back to what I love most and do best and truly believe it is a lot to do with my ENFJ type. just a feedback to say you are spot on! (as always I guess!:))

  • Justine G

    Thanks Joel and Antonia,

    I apologise if I’ve come off a bit negative about any of your podcasts – whatever I think about the limitations of Dr Nardi’s studies, these podcasts are still great.

    I’m now self-typing as an ENFP in a lifelong Si-grip, though am not normally in ‘crisis mode’ and that was what confused me. My new typing is partly (not entirely) due to the description of ‘Normalising’ ENFP in Dr Nardi’s book, though my Fi seems semi-holistic.

    It seems that the Normalising/Harmonizing sub-types have a more introverting bent, while the Assertive/Creative sub-types have a more extraverting bent, and this could partly explain ambiversion in some people like myself.

    I’m also entertaining the idea that people could have secondary sub-types based on the orientation of their other 2 main functions.

  • Trevor

    I’m INTJ. I’m just finding this series very interesting. I’ve read Dr. Nario book on the subtypes so I’m finding it interesting just looking at each of the MBTI types through this lense. Thank you for doing these.

    • Justin True

      I’m a 24 year old ENFJ software developer. After first finding out my type I figured I was an outlier but now learning that I am a normalizing flavor a lot more things clicked. I have worked for both small intimate companies and major cooperations. Thus far, I appreciate the impact my work can have on large scales through large companies however it is difficult to get managers to get on board with ideas that may cost more money or take longer to make but will provide a better experience for our users and developers. Soon I will be looking for a company that has both a large impact with their products and as well as catering enough to put in effort to make the best user experience possible.
      I am enjoying the podcast and learning a lot of useful information that I use to help others around me. Thank you for providing me this source of knowledge.

  • Clare

    This is very useful. My teenage ENFJ needs to make choices (kids have to choose a career very early here in the UK). My teenager is a Dominant, but his ENFJ dad has gone from a Creative at university, to Normalising in his first career to a Normalising, Dominant, Creative hybrid in his second career. It’s good to understand why they are so different in some ways and to know that my teenager will be able to adapt to the career he chooses – thank you

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