4 Styles of Feeling Personality Types | Podcast 510

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In this episode of the Personality Hacker podcast, Joel and Antonia talk about the 4 expressions or styles of the Feeling Cognitive Functions of “Authenticity” (Introverted Feeling) and “Harmony” (Extraverted Feeling).



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  • fleur

    Great series 🙂 Just wanted to share a fairly extreme presentation of holistic Fi/Fe. I find myself holding space for everyone and everything, even when they are not there. Including the many presentations of myself. I often want to be free enough to be in my own flow. Moment to moment. Some examples of this…Not working so I can be available to my family (who are all adults:)). Not collecting shells from the beach because thats were they belong and I don’t want to displace them. Difficulty applying myself to my own projects. Not able to find and commit to my why. Waking to let my cats out at night. Coaxing, sometimes putting ants outside, not wanting to kill them. It’s tiring. And disappointing, not expressing myself in the world. I am ISFP and appear to have a general preference for the holistic in Se, Si and Fe, Fi. Guess I need to work more on an analytic flavour:) Thanks for the insight.

  • Martha M

    This was brilliant!! Thank you. As an INJF I could relate to the holistic version of extroverted feeling and a great degree of burnout associated with it. Literally as I listened to you speaking throughout the podcast I could see a mental map of my life unfolding in my minds eye. The times when I leaned in to analytic feeling without going to far in that direction were the times I’ve felt the most centered and successful in life and relationships. Ironically my great fear is that shifting in that direction will damage relationships, but the truth is that the more I become imbalanced in holding space for so many and so much, I no longer bring enough of myself to the table to give others, or myself, a whole person to relate to. The timing of this episode was exquisite. Thank you!

  • Lisa

    To me, the terms ‘holistic’ and ‘analytical’ may simply correspond with feminine and masculine polarities – receptive and assertive. I would find it fascinating to explore how these preferences show up compared to the function stack as a whole (e.g. whether INFPs always show up with ‘holistic’ Fi), how all of this relates to gender in general and even more interesting: how this is influenced by childhood upbringing and conditioning. Much appreciated the examples from your own life, but would also be interested to hear succinct examples of other individual’s life experiences to compare, especially comparing behavioural anecdotes of 2 ENFJs or any 2 representations of any other type = the 32 personalities 😉
    So naturally, my suggestion would be to launch a survey in your community and then cataloguing the answers.

  • Vanessa

    I’m an INFP and very much a holistic introverted feeler. It means that there is so much knowledge and understanding, but when I get the question at the end of a work seminar: “Which 3 points will take with you?”, I’m always thinking: “Hey, I can’t remember all the points, but show them again, and give me 5 minutes”…

    But then it’s often on the spot or group work… And some analytic and/or extroverted person nails it and wins the trophy for ambitious attitude, even if they were FAR less dedicated to the seminar 😉

    I love your podcast!

  • Justine G

    You can actually oscillate between the two sides without ‘balancing’ in the middle very much. Jumping between conviction and doubt – Antonia admitted to such oscillation with her Ti, though she is sometimes or oftentimes in the middle.

    I’m not sure if Fi is my lead function, I just know I’m Enneagram 6-sp and oscillation in introverted judging from holistic – analytic is commonplace for me. It can create a lot of stress. I am learning to balance more but it’s more about bringing the two sides together rather than going from one side to the centre.

    • Jennifer

      I love the last sentence you wrote. The idea of blending energy to find more balance rather than putting them on a spectrum and moving that needle one direction or another.

      Very cool!

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