[VIDEO] “Codependence” with Charis Branson (INFJ)

This Is An Audio Sample From Our “Empowered (For INFJs & INFPs)” program. Charis Branson (INFJ) is one of six Empowered Council Members sharing her wisdom and insights on relationships, meeting needs, and overcoming codependence.

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INFPs and INFJs —Finally overcome indecision, feeling judged, a lack of assertiveness, caring too much, feeling misunderstood and avoiding the intimacy you crave. Most people don’t understand or validate how you experience life. Learn how to create and assert boundaries, find motivation and follow your own path… all while embracing your greatest gift of empathy instead of seeing it as a burden.

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  • Sarah Taylor

    Thanks so much for this little video. The idea of compulsively/pre-emptively meeting others’ needs as being selfish is really helpful! It helps to reveal that the martyr mentality of just having to do things because the other won’t do it / hasn’t in the past is actually self-serving, not really in service of the other. Something I need to work on. Thanks!

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