The Limits Of Personality Type Theory Without Personal Growth | Podcast 0468

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In this episode of the Personality Hacker podcast, Joel and Antonia discuss the limits of understanding personality type theory without focusing on personal growth.


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In this podcast you’ll find:


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Showing 6 comments
  • Emi

    Great podcast! Please follow up soon with that more detailed show about personal development in midlife.

  • Bryan

    Tangential, esoteric, circuitous. Hard to follow.
    Need extensive foundation.

    • LowkeyHighbrow

      then you should maybe get some of that foundation and come back

  • LowkeyHighbrow

    “The CIA uses the system like x.”
    “They don’t have clear understanding of the system.”

    We should stop anthropomorphizing institutions like that. The CIA does nothing. It’s merely a structure comprised of people that do. And among those people, there are certainly individuals who look deeper than others. Just because you use the system in a crude way for typing others in work environments, doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t also use it for personal development in a more profound manner. I do that, so do you.

    That’s my two INTJ cents.

  • Ryan INFP

    I do believe everybody should have a look at the cognitive functions. I think its a lot harder than Antonia was saying to say you own them they don’t own you I think the cognitive functions do own you it seems to me you can only shift perspective momentary. I also think its easy to see Antonia is using TI she likes information to be relative to present time where someone like Elon Musk i think would maybe get a bit agitated by this also knowing it is important. So what does personal growth seem like in the understand of type i can’t see it. Everybody i see who are into personal growth are the same just more considerate to others and other views. I have not done personal growth so its just an observation.

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