Personality Types And Artificial Intelligence | Podcast 0470

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In this episode of the Personality Hacker podcast, Joel and Antonia chat with INTP programmer and polymath William Lancaster about ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence.


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In this podcast you’ll find:

  • Joel and Antonia are joined by guest host William Lancaster.
    • In which domains does William usually do his exploring?
    • What is William’s experience of being an INTP who has put emphasis on physicality and mentality?
    • How do other people react to William’s physical appearance?
    • How does William’s dominant function, Introverted Thinking, help him navigate the world?
  • How can we approach artificial intelligence in a wise way?
    • What is artificial intelligence (AI)?
    • Which possible paths can our various reactions to artificial intelligence take us?
    • How can we be wise when there is no past precedent to guide us?
  • Why is it important for everybody to talk about AI?
    • Which areas of life may AI affect?
    • Using writing to exemplify how AI works.
    • How can the Introverted Sensing (Memory) and Extraverted Intuition (Exploration) cognitive function polarity be used to explain what AI is?
  • What is a common fear people have about AI?
    • Why may this not be a realistic concern?
    • What mechanisms have been and can be put in place to avoid AI being misused?
  • What is ChatGPT?
  • Why is it important for us to be aware about what kind of relationship we have with AI?
    • How can you have a good relationship with AI?
    • Why do we have an innate resistance to AI?
  • How can we figure out the limits of AI?
    • Applying the DIKW model to understand the limits of AI?
    • Antonia’s experience with the internet in its early days 
  • What are the possible outcomes of AI?
    • How could AI really benefit humanity? 
  • Are there certain personality types that are more likely to take to ChatGPT than others?
    • How may different personality types interface with ChatGPT?
  • How should you approach using ChatGPT?
    • How can you use ChatGPT to leverage your personality type growth?
    • Examples of things that ChatGPT can help you with.
    • How could a Feeler use ChatGPT?
  • How can ChatGPT contribute to increasing our wisdom?
    • How can ChatGPT help you gain more self-awareness?
  • What are possible ways people may form cultish fractions around AI?
  • What are some of the issues that will arise as AI is implemented in our society?
    • How should we approach AI?
    • Will it be likely that we suffer because of AI?
    • What are some important things to take into consideration when ChatGPT is implemented?
  • What are some ways that AI can augment our world?



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Showing 5 comments
  • Heather

    I just listened to this podcast and I SO wanted to be part of the conversation. Totally interesting and fascinating! For every revolution there is a counter revolution (I do not know that empirically, I’m just making a case for my thought.). I predict that many years after AI changes our society, there will be a counter revolution of the most earthy, human, homemade, handmade, wabi sabi, dirty, grungy kind. It will become cool to be human in all of the most earthy, humble, natural, ways we can be it. (Think of the Agent wiping the sweat off of Morpheus’ head in utter disgust.) It will be very wabi sabi like, maybe kind of hippie – at least that’s how I imagine it. It won’t be until the AI revolution has long been established. If people try it too soon, it won’t have the traction that will really rocket it into high culture. Just an idea. I’ll probably be dead or very old by the time it happens. That is what this episode made me think of in addition to the fact that I am so down with getting to know ChatGPT. Also, I totally echo Antonia’s thoughts about Data, Knowledge, Wisdom. Things that are ancient are full of wisdom. That will play into my imaginary counter revolution as well.

    • Heather

      So, after thinking about the comment I, myself, made above I would like to reform the idea a bit and since I cannot edit my original comment, I am making a new one. (As an ENTJ, when I get excited about something, I get a little bit silly, and have to mitigate my embarrassment with amusement and, sometimes, clarification.) In thinking about it further, it doesn’t make sense that there will be a physical counterrevolution unless along with AI in the future we create a sterile-ish, mechanistic society to go along with the AI (think George Jetson and Rosie the Robot.). It makes more sense that the shift will be mental, philosophical, emotional, etc. A renaissance of ancient knowledge and wisdom. The best part is that, at that point, it will seem “new” again. “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” T.S. Elliot. The best part is, this sort of turning over has all happened before in different clothing. No matter our levels of achievement, nor the changes in the structure of our society, I do not think we will change what mankind is (not that anyone is necessarily making that claim, although some might be.). I have been playing around with the ChatGPT for the last couple of days and it is really fun! It’s nice to find a way to “play.” That’s what it feels like – play and discovery. Thank you for the podcast, and so many of the pod casts before. I have learned SO much from you guys and it is changing my life significantly. I’m super grateful.

  • M

    My personality type (ISFP) is probably not the most typical type that would be interested in this sort of thing, but I am extremely curious to try this out. My mom is actually the first one who told me about this type of technology (I’m not exactly sure where she heard about it). She’s an INFP so I’m guessing it intrigues her Ne side?
    Anyway she was showing me all these things online for the chatbot, and how it can answer all these questions almost like an actual person would. My mom and I both want to try it out. I imagine my dad (INTJ) might want to try it out too.
    I just want to try it to see for myself if it’s actually as impressive as it sounds. That’s probably my Se talking. I need to “see it to believe it” I guess lol. I am super curious though.

    By the way, I didn’t realize you guys got pushback from the Generation episode! I posted a comment on that episode, but I haven’t checked back to see any other comments since then. If it’s any consolation, I really enjoyed the episode about generational theory. I thought it was really fascinating!

  • INTJ Kimberly

    You had me at “having a whole bunch of employees but you don’t have to deal with them.”

    • Joel Mark Witt

      Hi Kimberly. That’s the most INTJ thing I’ve read all day. Thanks for the comment.

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